BEC '96 - 6-7 September 1996
SAVA CENTER, Belgrade, Serbia, FR Yugoslavia

Declaration of the First Balkan Evangelical Conference


After the breaking apart of the former Yugoslavia, the terrible war that took many thousands of innocent lives caused great destruction. Evangelical Christians of Serbia want to help together with all Evangelical Christians of the Balkans in spiritual renewal and healing of its' nation and of other nations in the region.

The Evangelical Alliance of Serbia (EAS), located in Belgrade, together with Christian leaders from other Balkan countries have shared a common vision. We have met together in Belgrade and Athens in 1995. All the representatives unanimously and wholeheartedly supported the idea to organize The First Balkan Evangelical Conference in 1996 in Belgrade. It is of great importance for us that last year we were accepted as a full member in the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA). Also, we have excellent support from AD2000 and Beyond Movement, European Evangelical Alliance and The New Eastern Europe for Christ (NEEFC) Movement. Many other missions have contacted us and are willing to help in the realization of this very strategic meeting. The organizers of The First Balkan Evangelical Conference in Belgrade are: Evangelical Alliance of Serbia, Evangelical Churches of Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, FYR of Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

The conference goals and expected results are:

We invite all the spiritual leaders and believers of evangelical churches in Serbia, Montenegro and the Balkans to unite in prayers to our Lord to fulfill these goals - for the glory of God!


In Belgrade,
May 10, 1996
Rev. Lazar Stojsic, President of the EAS

The Conference Vision

God gave confirmation and faith to the Balkan leaders who met on March 15, 1995 in Belgrade. They unanimously agreed to invite 800 -1,000 Christian leaders from the Balkan countries for a two day meeting September 6-7, 1996 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Each participant will fund their own travel expenses (except some from Albania and Macedonia). The Serbian hosts will fund housing and meals for all attendees. This will be an unprecedented National Initiative sponsored primarily by local evangelical churches and organizations.

The Balkan Peoples are Substantially Unreached

There has never been a major revival in this area of the world since the Apostle Paul planted the first Christian churches 2000 years ago. Currently, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, has a population of over 2 million people and additional 200,000 refugees. It is estimated that 1000 people are evangelical Christians (.05%). There are few evangelical churches in the city (one with a building and congregation of about 450 people; the other meeting in a rented facility with about 150 people). In New Belgrade - a close suburb of massive high rise apartment complexes housing over 400,000 people - there is no known evangelical Christian or church.

Percent Christian
3.4 Million
< 1%
Bosnia & Herezegovina
3.2 Million
< 1%
8.8 Million
< 1%
10.6 Million
< 1%
2.2 Million
< 1%
23.2 Million
Yugoslavia (Serbia & Montenegro)
11.1 Million
< 1%
62.5 Million
< 1%

You can help make this meeting become a beacon of light and hope for our brothers and sisters living in the Balkan countries

Please make this event a matter of focused daily prayer and intercession. You can pray for the spiritual leaders, for the conference preparation team, for the speakers, for the participants and their families, for the logistics of housing, transportation, food and conference facilities. The difficulties are numerous but the spiritual implications cannot be measured this side of heaven. We're talking about taking back ground the enemy has held for thousands of years!

Update - May 10, 1996

Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Lord,

Greetings form Belgrade in the name of the evangelical Christians of Serbia.

The organization of the First Balkan Evangelical Conference (BEC '96) in the history of the Balkans is well underway. With great expectation we are trusting the Lord to bring about many positive results from this conference.




(The final program with speakers will be posted as soon as possible)

Official Language:

Serbian with simultaneous translation into English. Also, national translators will translate into Albanian, Bulgarian, Greek and Romanian.


Expected - 2250 with 4000 on the final evangelistic evening

Prayer Requests:

The month of August is being set aside for concentrated prayer for the success of BEC 96 and the coming of a new hope for the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation of the peoples of the Balkans.

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