Talal grew up in a nation on the Arabian Peninsula. He came to faith through a dream, but as a new Christian he was unable to obtain a Bible or even meet another Christian.

Soon after Talal became a Christian he went to study in another Arab country. There he decided to pursue his new faith actively. He went to an Evangelical church, was baptized and joined their youth group. He was warmly welcomed into the church family, and attended the youth meetings for nearly three years. One of the church elders, an experienced Christian worker, discipled Talal and he returned to the Arabian Peninsula as a mature Christian.

After his return Talal began to share his new faith, and his brother accepted Christ, Encouraged, he continued to share with others in the family. Then one of his cousins threatened to kill him and forced him to recite the Islamic creed and denounce his faith. Not knowing where to turn, he agreed and his cousin let him go.

After four years of searching for fellowship, Talal finally was able to make contact with us. He is still sharing his faith, but more quietly now. He and his brother have not had any fellowship in these four years. Talal feels guilty because he denied Christ We have tried to help and encourage him. Recently he said to me, "You live in a different world. For you being a Christian is easy; for me, it is hard!"

Talal's story is typical for the Arabian Peninsula. He faces fear; accusation, family pressures, lock of fellowship and many more challenges as he strives to grow in his faith. However, in some areas there already is an indigenous local church. Small pockets of believers meet together in homes. In some instances entire families have come to Christ.

Though the Arabian Peninsula is often misunderstood, it presents a picture of great need and great opportunity today. Can you hear the Arabian Peninsula calling, "Come and help us" (Acts 16;2)?

As I have visited most of the countries in the Arabian Peninsula and met with Christians throughout the region, it has become very clear to me that this is the hour of spiritual opportunity. This brochure will tell you why.. and how you can have a vital part in a great spiritual awakening in the very heart of the Middle East.

Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

See I am dong a new thing
Now it springs up
Do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wastland.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a confederation of seven kingdoms, or emirates, on the north-eastern coast of the Arabian Penninsula. They are linked by their dependance on oil revenues, which have brought them from poverty to prosperity in only 25 years. The UAE was formerly seven separate monarchies protected by the United Kingdom, but the emirates united as a confederation in 1971. Sunni Islam is the state religion, but religous minorities have freedom of worship.

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