Beginning the Adoption

Selecting a People

What factors will influence the selection of a particular people?

Decision-making factors may be grouped in three general categories: counsel, existing links, and statistics. Your committee will first want to discuss and decide which factors are most pertinent to your decision. As you pray and gather information based on your criteria, focus will gradually narrow to the choice God has for you.


You may choose to seek counsel at the outset, to steer you through your information gathering and selection phase or even to simply assign an unreached people to your group which needs adopting.

Existing Links


There is no end to the number of questions which your church could ask itself in the selection and adoption process. We hope that the issues raised here will help your church zero in on some critical elements of its decision-making.

Thanks to Bruce Camp and the US Center for World Mission for sharing much of the information which formed the basis of this section. Used by permission. Material first appeared in ADOPTION: A Practical Guide to Successfully Adopting an Unreached People Group. To order the complete manual, please contact:

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