Research: An Overview

Why Gather Information?

Research is useful at several stages in the adoption process. It provides the basis for selection, for encouraging prayer, and for becoming familiar with the people. Library and Internet research is readily available for most groups. Some groups conduct on-site research. A trip provides a level of understanding unavailable any other way - the faces, sounds, smells, and touch of the people, as well as learning first hand from them.

Research forms the basis for the prayer profile, a summary of information and a short vignette of the people with prayer needs highlighted. You can find out if one already exists for a particular people by visiting Information<> Sources in this program or by visiting the Bethany<> Prayer Profile web site to see if a profile exists for your people.

Where do I find existing information?

Several organizations may already have researched the people in which you are interested. For assistance in knowing how to find information about unreached peoples on the Internet and in the library, see How<> to Locate Existing Information. For information sources, see Unreached<> People Information Sources.

How do I conduct on-site research?

The Caleb Project and the AD2000 and Beyond Movement have prepared a training manual, Life Changing<> Encounters, specifically to aid short term Joshua Project 2000 research teams. Another Caleb Project book, Exploring<> the Land, is a more extensive tool for research preparation. You may order either book from them (see agency list).

An onsite research trip should not be attempted without guidance from an experienced mission agency. Contact your denominational mission and other agency before planning your research trip to see how they can assist your team.

Sharing information about a people is a basic function of both networking and advocacy. Before taking a research journey, talk to other churches who have adopted your people to see how cooperation can enhance your on-site research experience.

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