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Internet and Email Links/Conferences

Through email conferences and forums you are able to communicate with others who share common interest in unreached cities and peoples around the world. Brigada is the most extensive email system of sharing information regarding unreached peoples. Visit the Brigada web site for recent newsletters and a listing of Brigada conferences.

Brigada Peoples is a general email conference allowing requests and offering information for all unreached peoples. To subscribe send an email to:<> After you receive the welcome message, to use the service to find out more about a particular people group, send your inquiry to<> You might say..."I wish to learn more about the Hooga-Booga people of Antarctica. Can anyone assist? If so, write to ."

Network for Strategic Missions is a web-based connection for numerous<> unreached peoples: Visit their web site at:

People Teams presents profile information on unreached peoples as well<> as contacts who are advocating for them. Web address:

Specific people conferences or contacts are listed below:
There may be people conferences in addition to those offered by Brigada.  Those we know of are listed below.

You might find other conferences through the agencies listed in Locating Potential Networks or Members.

Register Your Commitment. using the People Commitment Registration Form (Located at the Joshua Project II website.) Registering your commitment or an existing network will assists agencies in helping you to communicate with others also focused on your people.

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