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  A network is a group of individuals and agencies with similar interests or concerns interacting and remaining in informal contact for mutual assistance or support. Some of the varying types and styles of networks are featured here.

               Benefits of Cooperation
               The Place of Prayer

People-Specific<> Resource Network: Menu
       Individuals, groups, churches and agencies who communicate and often cooperate on common projects with the goal of supporting field efforts for unreached peoples.  This section is the most extensive in this program, outlining the necessary steps to join, form and organize a network.
Resource<> Networks/Task Forces of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement
       These Networks or Task Forces encourage cooperative relationships with existing movements, networks and structures.

National<> Initiatives: Menu
        National Initiatives are the networks and strategies developed by National leaders, generally of non-Western countries,  to complete evangelization of their unreached peoples.

Church-Based<> Networks
        Antioch Network is a support ministry which assists churches in the building of networks for the purpose of church planting.

Field-Based<> Networks: Menu
        Networks initiated by missionary field workers and field supervisors.

Networking<> Radio Ministries
        World By 2000 - A network of several radio ministries who cooperate for more efficient use of resources.

Strategic<> Alliances
        AIMS - A missions resource organization offering assistance for the adoption of peoples and development of networks called strategic alliances.  They encourage individuals, groups, churches and agencies to unite resources.

Networking and Partnership Helps
            Register Your Network, using the People Commitment Registration Form (Located at the Joshua Project II website.)
            Training for Advocacy, Network, Partnerships
            Facilitator: A New Role for Church Leaders
           Also see Resources Menu for<> books, agencies and courses.

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