Church Planting

The ultimate goal of any adoption is to plant a healthy reproducing church within the selected people. When there is a worshipping group of believers, the individuals within your people will have the opportunity to accept Christ through the witness of their local church and have a place of worship and fellowship in their own language and culture. Certainly there is further evangelism and discipleship of which you could be a part, but the minimum goal is seeing a healthy church established capable of planting additional churches. Although many church bodies choose to have a building in which they meet, a physical structure is not necessary or even always appropriate for a church to be 'planted'.

To plant a church among an unreached people is often a difficult task, and methods will differ depending upon the situation of the people. Although we do not suggest a particular method of church planting, we do strongly recommend that you work with your denomination, other churches, and mission agencies. You may wish to refer to our list of Missionary<> Sending Agencies for contact information.

PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO PLANT A CHURCH ALONE! Nearly every part of the world where "unreached peoples" reside is very different culturally and politically than that experienced by the typical Westerner. Serious and significant negative impact, such as rupture of years of ongoing field work or repercussions to existing believers and workers, may unintentionally result from well-meaning but mis-guided efforts. An agency can provide current information concerning realities of the field situation peculiar to the people of interest to you and information about partnership opportunities. They may also be able put you in touch with Christian workers in or near the people upon which you are focusing.
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