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How the Internet is helpful for research

The Internet is a loose amalgam of thousands of computer networks reaching millions of people all over the world. For this reason, it is a useful tool for people research. However, like any tool, it requires some level of expertise. This guide presupposes you know the basics of accessing the Internet and the costs involved. The purpose of this guide is simply to give you some help in finding your way around, along with some starting places to look for information on peoples.


American<> Universities -
Canadian<> Universiites -
Center for All Collegiate Information -
Doctoral<> Dissertations -
Harvard Forum for<> Central Asian Studies -
International<> Universities -
International<> Universities, YAHOO Listing -
University of Maryland Information<> Database -
Michigal<> University Microfilm Library -
The Virtual Library-<>
Asian<> Studies WWW Virtual Library -
Demography<> & Population Studies Virtual Library
Indonesia<> WWW Virtual Library
Papua<> New Guinea WWW Virtual Library
Vietnam<> WWW Virtual Library
Indigenous<> Peoples Virtual Library -
Latin American Studies<> Virtual Library -
Russian and Eastern<> European Virtual Library -
WWW Virtual Library -<>

Government and Political Information Sites:

Library of Congress -<>
Catalogs at the Library<> of Congress -
Country Studies/Area<> Handbooks -
US Census Bureau -<>
World<> Factbook:
United Nations Information-<>
US Embassy Home Page -<>
US State<> Department Travel Warnings -
US State Department -<>

General WEB Search tools:

Altavista -<>
Dogpile -<>
Infoseek -
Excite -<>
Electric Library:
Global Yellow Pages -
Netscape<> Search -
Northern Lights search<> engine -
Magellan -<>
Four<> 11 Internet White Pages
Lycos search engine -<>
WhoWhere? -<>
BigFoot -<>
Open Text Index -<>
Open Text Web Index -<>
Research<> It -
Yahoo search engine -<>
WebCrawler -<>

General Research Information:

Arab World:<>
Asian Studies -<>
Encyclopedia Britanica -<>
Clearinghouse<> for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides -
Human Languages Page -<>
PSG Gopher - International<> Connectivity information, gopher://
Population/Demographics<> Etc. Research Sites -
Translation Dictionaries -
Las<> Alamos Research Library Translation Dictionaries -
Social Science Gateway -<>
Lonely Planet Travel Guide -<>
Social Science & Pacific/Asian Studies-Austrailian National University -<>


WWW<> Virtual Library,Anthropology -
American Anthropological<> Association -
Anthropology<> and Archeology Net Resources/Stanford:
University<> of Washington School of Anthropology:

World Cultures:

Geographical<> List of Servers -
Summary List -
World Map of Web Sites -
Web Sites for the Cities of the World -


Africa<> Home Page -
African<> Studies -
African<> studies/Links -
African<> religious studies -
African<> Libraries -
NomadNet -, (Somalia, the Horn of Africa, peacekeeping, and relief and economic development)
Western Saraha -<>

Arab Countries:

Arab Countries'Web Sites -<>
Arabic Web Resources -<>
Arabic Info - (E-mail News. To subscribe, send the message: subscribe arabic-info to:<>


Asia -<>
Asian<> Explorer -
Asia<> News Network -
Asia<> Week -
Bali -
Cambodia -

Central Asia:

Virtual<> Memory of Central Asia -


China Map -<>
China Educational and Research Center -<>
China Home Page -
Chinese Historical and Cultural Project -
Chinese Philosophy -
Chinese News Digest Server -<>
World<> Wide Web Sites for Chinese -


European Home Page -
Cyprus -
Slovenia -<>
Post Soviet<> and Eastern Europe -


Indian Art -<>
India on Internet -<>
India Online -<>
Punja Tour Planner - http: //
Durga Punja -<>


Indonesian<> Homepage -
Bimasakti -<>


Japanese Information -<>
Japan Information Resources-<>
Japanese News -
Japan Times -<>


Kazakstan Map: -<>

Latin America:

The Brazilian<> Society -

Middle East:

The Center for Middle Eastern<> Studies -
Maps<> of the Middle East -
Jerusalem Mosaic -
Lebanon -
Pakistan -
Turkey FAQ -<>


Filipino Express<> On-line -
Manila Times -
Philippine New Link -<>
Sunday Punch -<>
Sunstar Daily -


Friends and Partners -
Russia on the Web -
Latest<> news from Russia -
Russian Research Centre -
Russia Today -<>
Window to Russia -<>

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka<> Home Page -
Sri Lanka Information -


Tajikistan general information:


Thailand Country<> Information -

World Statistics:<><><><><>

World Religions: