Library Research Tools

Each of the following reference publications should be available at a library or through special order from a Christian bookstore. The Christian books may not be available from a secular library, but may be available through your local library on request by inter-library loan.

Reference books:

At a Christian college or university, look for the following:
  • Peoplesfile Index
  • Unreached Peoples Annuals
  • The Ethnologue
  • Lands and Peoples encyclopedias
  • The World and its Peoples encyclopedias
  • The World Christian Encyclopedia
  • History of the Expansion of Christianity, by Kenneth Scott Lattourette
  • Ristricted World Ministry Handbook, by Issachar
  • World Directory of Missions Research and Information Centers
  • International Bulletin of Missionary Research
  • US Mission Handbook
  • UK Mission Handbook
  • Encylopedia of Missions
  • Strongholds of the 10/40 Window, by George Otis, Jr.
  • International Journal of Frontier Missions
  • Evangelical Missions Quarterly



    At any college or university, or large public library, look for

  • National Geographic Magazine Index
  • Encyclopedia Britanica, Index Volume
  • Muslim Peoples, Richard V. Weekes, Editor. This contains maps showing the general location of Muslim groups and documents 190 ethnic and or linguistic groups that are Muslim.
  • Peoples of the Earth, 20 volumes published by Danbury Press (out of print).
  • Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mankind, Marshall Cavendish Litd., publisher
  • Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Subject Guide to Books in Print
  • Linguistic Bibliography, J. Beylsmit, editor
  • Library of Congress Subect Headings. These large bound volumes show the subject headings used in the card catalogue systems.
  • Machine Readable Catalogue Fiche (MARC)
  • Background Notes, US Department of State, Bureau of Public Affairs
  • Minority Rights
  • Human Relations Area Files (HRAF)
  • Asia Week
  • Encyclopedia of the Third World, especially year books



    Thanks to Bethany World Prayer Center for the above references

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