Overview of the Adoption Process
Most adoptions are a commitment on the part of a group or church.  To "adopt" means to focus on one particular people which has had little or no access to the gospel. The Adoption Guidance Program presents several elements which may be included in an adoption, but your church may emphasize or eliminate certain ones based on its own desire, gifting and ability. If your church is interested in networking, partnering or church planting, please see those sections of the program.

Here is a brief overview of the initial adoption steps :

1. Why Adopt? Learn about the commitment involved in an adoption and prayerfully assess with your leaders if this is an appropriate step for your group or church. See AGP<> Introduction.

2. Select a people. Prayerfully choose the people on whom you will focus by considering whether you already have connections to an unreached people, utilizing your denominational headquarters, contacting an adoption counselor, or referring to lists of unreached peoples. The following may be of assistance: Selecting<> a PeopleAdoption Counselors, AD2000/Joshua<> Project 2000 Peoples Information.

3. Register Your Adoption,  <> using the People Commitment Registration Form (Located at the Joshua Project II website.) Registering your commitment will assist the missions community in knowing which peoples still need adopting and makes it easier for you to communicate with others also focused on your people.

4. Praying for an unreached people is essential to seeing God's purposes established. Ephesians 6:12 states that,  "our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places." Your group will want to continually ask God to superintend. What is He asking you to do? Then, since your purpose is to usher a people from the kingdom of darkness to light, your prayers on their behalf become vital. Effective tools might include newsletters, prayer profiles and special prayer sessions. See Organizing<> Prayer for further suggestions and encouragement.

5. Researching your unreached people gives your group the information and motivation to pray and provides assistance for determining other areas of potential involvement or support. It is possible to find internet and library information on most unreached peoples. See Conducting<> Research.

6. Sustaining the adoption. The initial excitement of a church adoption can grow cold without leadership who regularly bring the unreached people's culture and needs before the congregation.  Photos, banquets, contact with a missionary, communication with other adopting churches are things which have been helpful to some churches. Be creative.  See Sustaining the Adoption.

Not ready for adoption? Some churches commit to praying for an unreached people regardless of whether they decide to go the extra step toward adoption.  We also welcome your Registration of Prayer Commitment, using the<> People Commitment Registration Form (Located at the Joshua Project II website.)

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