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Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

Greetings<> in Jesus' precious name!

Praise God, the earlier Adoption Guidance Program (AGP) has been utilized by many churches in the entire adoption process of outreach to unreached peoples.  This new edition incorporates augmented networking and partnership sections.  It can provide the basic tools needed for any local church to proceed not only with an adoption, but also with the process toward making the necessary additional steps to reaching these peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

According to Matthew 28 and John 17, God has enlisted all Christians to work together to complete the task of discipling the peoples of the earth.  Perhaps that is why He has led you here today!?  You have a vital role to play in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to at least one people who have never heard.  We know that one day there will be members of every tongue, tribe, and people before the throne and before the Lamb, dressed in white and washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Would it not be wonderful that you would be able to rejoice more in that moment because one of the people that were before the throne were there because you took adoption seriously?

You can use this program not only in the adoption process itself, but also as a tool to motivate and mobilize others with the challenge of providing a church-planting movement among every ethne.  Personally, it has been very exciting for me to see the remarkable mobilization, prayer and networking of the Body of Christ throughout the world over the last ten years.  Let's join hands together, pray and step forth for this Great Commission of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Blessings on you as you proceed!

That all may hear!
Luis Bush
International Director


The Adoption Guidance Program (AGP) is a resource tool. View the AGP as you might a library reference book, going only to the document or section you need at the time. The program covers a myriad of concepts and resources for churches and individuals who are at very different stages in the process of involvement with unreached peoples. We offer resources as varied as simply praying for an unreached people, to assistance for those who may wish to partner with others for field projects. Reading the menus and 'Overview' documents may direct you to the sections which will be of most value to you. It is our hope that this information will aid you in developing a successful adoption experience for both your chosen people and your church.

Keep your heart alert to God's Spirit as you venture forward. Someday soon, God may hear new believers worshipping Him in a new language because of your decisions today.

There are many paths of involvement and commitment, each offering both potential blessings and pitfalls. As you proceed with selecting and adopting a people, you may want to seek experienced guidance along the way, especially at the outset and before attempting any field participation. If you are part of a denomination or have an established relationship with a mission agency, we suggest initial contact with them. If you have no established contacts, please see our list of Adoption<> Counselors or Mission<> Agencies.

Nearly every part of the world where "unreached peoples" reside is very different culturally and politically from that experienced by the typical Westerner. Serious and significant negative impact, such as rupture of years of ongoing field work or repercussions to existing believers and workers, may unintentionally result from well-meaning but unguided efforts. An agency can provide current information concerning realities of the field situation peculiar to the people of interest to you and information about partnership opportunities. They can also put you in touch with Christian workers in or near the people upon which you are focusing.

Further into this program, you will be asked to enter information that will be used by the AD2000 and Beyond Movement to register your commitment to a particular people, if are already committed to prayer, adoption, or networking, PLEASE REGISTER with us, using the People Commitment Registration Form (Located at the Joshua Project II website.) Registering your commitment will assist the missions community in knowing which peoples still need focus and makes it easier for you to communicate with others also focused on your people. Be assured that the information you share with us will not be used for solicitation of funds or sold to any fundraising organization.

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