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A Church for Every People and
the Gospel for Every Person
by AD 2000

AD2000 International Office is Closed

The AD2000 & Beyond Movement was formed to encourage, motivate, and network men and women church leaders by inspiring them with the vision of accelerating the reaching the unreached through the year 2000. We believe that God has used the AD2000 and Beyond Movement to do that and to mobilize the Church to focus more on the unreached peoples in the 10/40 Window and around the world. This has been done through consultations, prayer efforts, national initiatives, functional tracks and task forces, and communication materials.

It has been the intention of the Board of Directors right from the beginning that the International Office of the movement would close after the year 2000. Their vision for the movement included closing it down so that other ministries and structures would pick up the challenge and carry the work forward beyond anything the AD2000 and Beyond Movement could do. This is happening through many national movements as well as in many ministries and churches working together toward reaching the unreached.

Therefore the International Office closed early in 2001. Although AD2000 may no longer be able to answer personal inquiries, our web site offers resource lists and links to others who may provide the information you need. We encourage you to visit the Joshua Project II website for the latest unreached peoples data and profiles. Joshua Project II is continuing and expanding the original Joshua Project initiative by highlighting least reached peoples through information sharing and networking.<> The Resource section of the Adoption<> Guidance Program may prove especially beneficial. They are poised to encourage you and to assist your efforts to focus on the world's least reached peoples. Please use them as you pursue how you can help see "a church for every people and the gospel for every person."

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