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Audio Communication Track Consultation

"God willing, and the creek don't rise" here is the FINAL definite unchangeable information about the ACT Consultation.

DATES: October 7 through 9, 1996

PLACE: Missionary Learning Center, Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Rockville Virginia. (22 miles west of Richmond)

ACCOMODATIONS: Overnight stay on 7th and 8th, as well as meals during the Consultation will be provided by the FMB at no charge to delegates. (Our thanks to them). Mark says: "Lodgings are similar to what we experienced at JAARS (but no airstrip - sorry Marilyn!). Towels, linens, etc. provided.

SCHEDULE: Arrive October 7th. Meetings begin in the evening. We meet all day on the 8th and through the afternoon on the 9th., followed by departure for either the AD2000 Media Network Consultation, or for home.

MEDIA NETWORK CONSULTATION: This is a separate meeting that follows the ACT Consultation. The theme is "Television, Film, and the Unfinished Task of Evangelism." It starts October 10th. in Virginia Beach, about 100 miles from Richmond. Please contact DANHENRICH@XC.ORG for information and a registration<> form and make arrangements direct with him.

TRANSPORTATION: is the responsibility of the delegates. However, once we know how and when you are arriving (car, airline, etc.) we will do what we can to assist with transport to and from the airport as well as Virginia Beach. If you are renting a car and can help, please let me know. We will divide the cost. We'll also get maps to those who need them.

PARTICIPANTS: In addition to those who attended our previous ACT Consultations, we will be inviting representatives from other selected AD2000 Tracks.

AGENDA: We are still developing the agenda, and your suggestions are welcome. We want to discuss the things that matter to you and your ministry. Some tentative ideas include:

Please contact GloReNet@aol.com for more information and a registration form.

Email: GloReNet@aol.com
Faxmail: (213) 250-0136
Phonemail: (213) 250-0207
Voicemail: (213) 250-0135 x 111
Snailmail: 122 Glendale Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90026 USA

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