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You can become a partner in the growing focus on North India. The opportunities are limitless.

Partner in prayer. Become one of the 1,000 intercessors who will partner with an Indian brother or sister to pray for one of the 500 target groups. From a prayer group for North India in your neighborhood or your church. Establish triplet praying for the peoples and cities of North India. You may even wish to participate in a prayer journey to North India to have on-site prayer.

Partner in church planting. Adopt one of the 500 targets of North India and pray and give until a church is established there (200 people groups, 50 languages, 50 urban centers, and 200 districts). This is a tremendous opportunity for your church to become directly involved with a people group or a city, visiting the area, researching the needs and giving your resources to establish a sister congregation there.

Partner in personnel. Establish a link by personally sending a resident or non-resident missionary to North India, supporting them through your resources and your prayers. have them in your home, write them regularly, meet their needs in every way you can.

Partner in research and sharing information. There is still much to be discovered about the various people groups within the North India-Hindi Belt. You can join a team to do on-site research or use resources where you are to investigate the distinctives of a particular people group or urban area. Use your computer and modem capabilities to share information with others are the unreached millions.

Partner in advocacy. Become a people group advocate for one of the 200 unreached peoples of North India. Use your influence and whatever forums are available to you to share the needs and invite others to become partners as well.

Partner in sharing resources. Give generously to the various projects and programs within North India that are targeting the unreached peoples. You can:

For further information about how you can become personally involved in this tremendous focus on North India, contact the AD2000 & Beyond Movement at:

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