Signs are Pointing to North India

SIGN #5: Spiritual breakthroughs are occurring all around the area.

State Population Number of
of Pop
Himachal Pradesh 5,170,877 4,435 0.09%
Haryana 16,463,648 15,699 0.10%
Rajasthan 44,005,990 47,989 0.11%
Uttar Pradesh 139,112,287 199,575 0.14%
Madhya Pradesh 66,181,170 426,598 0.64%
Bihar 86,374,465 843,717 0.98%
Punjab 20,281,969 225,163 1.11%
Chandigarh 1,284,030 10,060 1.57%
Delhi 18,841,288 166,304 1.77%
Total North India 397,715,724 1,939,540 0.49%
Rest of India 440,868,264 17,700,744 4.01%
Total India 838,583,988 19,640,284 2.34%

Many Christian leaders both within and without India expect that God will do something very special in that part of the world over the next few years. The founder of the Friends Missionary Prayer Band in India, Patrick Joshua, believes that India is due for a rich harvest because the price has been paid by the scarificial service of missionaries and pastors over the past years. Vasantharaj Albert of the Church Growth Research Center in Madras, states: "I believe that India today is on the map for the global church." And Peter Wagner, coordinator for the AD2000 United Prayer Mobilization Network observes, "Of all the nations in the world, India has the highest potential of fruitful investment of evangelistic effort at this time. It is the place to invest time, energy and resources."

The hundreds of strategies leading to the year 2000, the rise of national ministries in India, the increase in church planting efforts and the focus on reaching every people group all lead us to believe that something wonderful is indeed looming on the horizon for India. "Flashes of light" seen all around the North India-Hindi Belt -- in Nepal, Mongolia, Sikkim, West Bengal, Calcutta, then Punjab, Orissa -- and on the very borders within the belt itself, particularly among the tribal groups, are encouraging us to believe that the Sun of Righteousness is indeed ready to rise upon these unreached peoples. Consider the following numbers of congregations established in North India, the vast majority within the last 25 years:

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