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Mission Songbook

The pre-release edition of the 32-song AD2000 Worship and Arts Network mission songbook LET THE NATIONS REJOICE-Worship songs proclaiming God's glory is availabe for ordering. Unique features of the collection are the inclusion of some of the finest new hymns on mission from recent hymnals, and songs representing a variety of publishers from North America, UK and Australia.

In early Spring of 1999 the accompanying teaching CD featuring soloist Scott Wesley Brown's recording of 12 of the 36 songs will be available. The 12 recorded songs will have both the vocal (songs 1-12) and backing tracks (songs 13-24) on the same CD.

Among the songs titles in the songbook are:

The cost for the pre-release edition is $10. ($15 if ordering out of North America). Make checks payable in US funds to OM Lit, PO Box 1047, Waynesboro, GA 30830-2047.

Tel: 706-554-5827. Fax: 706-554-7444.

For more information contact Frank Fortunato

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