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Joint Newsletter Project

Welcome to the LINKAGE - CWC/AD2000/CWE!

The dictionary defines a newsletter as, `a printed paper containing information of interest to a particular profession or pressure group.' Joint is defined, `the place where two or more things join together, the structure and material effecting this joining to allow movement'. This definition expresses the joint effort of CWC/AD2000/LCWE - three global women's organizations joining efforts to disciple the nations for Jesus Christ. Each organization continues to do its work yet seeks ways when possible to work together more effectively.

Out of our concerns for expressing unity in the body of Christ, we felt that an occasional joint newsletter would be a great tool for broadening our exposure and then our vision. This is our first attempt and we pray it will be used to allow `greater movement' in the body of Christ.

Working Together Bring Out The Best In Us

Networking well describes the relationship between the AD2000 Women's Track, the Commission on Women's Concerns (CWC) of the World Evangelical Fellowship, and the Lausanne (LCWE) Women's Network. Networking:

  • focuses us on a unifying purpose and stresses common goals rather than organizations.
  • permits healthy independence, where each group functions alone but benefits from sharing in the ministry of others.
  • utilizes the strengths of leaders' contribution for a specific purpose at the right time.

While each of the three global women's movements has unique goals (see the following pages) we also share a common purpose -- to enable women to use their gifts to help fulfill the Great Commission.

Our boards and committees may also share common leaders. For example, Judy Mbugua gives leadership as chairperson of the Women's Track while serving on the CWC board.

Frequently we co-sponsor events. Hope For Europe has brought women from more than twenty European countries together in four interdenominational conferences. It was founded by the three women's groups under the leadership of Elizabeth Mittelstaedt, editor of LYDIA magazine who also serves as regional representative for the Women's Track.

In a small way networking is an answer to Jesus' prayer for unity.

International Day of Prayer for Women

"Arise and Rebuild, Through Prayer" Isaiah 58:12 is the theme for the September 5, 1998 International Day of Prayer for Women. The clarion call is: `Daughters of Zion, arise and pray for the healing of your land!'

Why another DAY OF PRAYER? In Luke 18, Jesus was teaching His disciples about prayer and told a story about a woman who kept going to a judge because she wanted justice against a man who had harmed her. He ignored her for a while but finally gave in to her persistence and gave her justice. Jesus told this story to illustrate the need for constant prayer -- KEEP PRAYING UNTIL THE ANSWER COMES!

Therefore, we have chosen the FIRST WEEKEND IN SEPTEMBER to be held annually as the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER FOR WOMEN. It will focus on the immense needs of women around the world -- to bring encouragement and hope through GOD'S WORD and PRAYER!

Global Women's Conference

Plans are being made to sponsor a global women's conference sometime in the next three years. We plan on inviting other international women's organizations to join with us. Watch for details in the summer of 1998.

Women as Risk Takers for God

You'll find the stories of the twelve women featured in this book fascinating.

You'll learn why women throughout history have faced major obstacles to their ministries. And how God is opening doors around the world for women who are willing to risk everything to serve Him.

A joint project of CWC, Lausanne Women's Network and the AD2000 Women's Track, the book, written by Lorry Lutz is available in bookstores in North America and the UK.

A companion 30-minute video which features stories of some of the women in Risk Takers will be out by mid-year.

Information about how to obtain the book and/or video is available from the offices of the three organizations.

The AD2000 Women's Track

What is it?

It is one of a number of global networks of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement which focuses on reaching the unreached peoples of the world primarily in the 10/40 window (the region of the earth from 10 degrees to 40 degrees north, from western Africa to eastern Asia where 97% of the world's unreached people live.)

What is its goal?

To be a catalytic force for God to unleash the under-utilized resource of women around the world through the power of prayer, encouragement and training for world evangelization.

How does it involve and equip women worldwide?

  • Networks key women leaders across denominational and international lines worldwide.

  • Facilitates seminars for interaction and training.

  • Produces a quarterly newsletter, training materials, and other resources to encourage women and equip them to use their gifts in evangelism, prayer and discipleship.

  • Mobilizes Advocates for women ministering among unreached people groups.

Her Task is Finished

Two years ago Violet Mtegha visited twelve countries in West Africa to mobilize and train women to reach out to the dozens of still unreached people in their countries.

The journey was fraught with danger. Violet was thrown out of one country because of election hysteria; in Guinea a coup cancelled her visit. In Guinea Bassau she traveled for more than 250 miles in torrid heat on the back of a truck packed with unruly men -- only to find 400 women eagerly waiting for her in a massive grass roofed shelter they'd constructed.

Everywhere she gathered women from different churches and denominations and challenged them with the opportunity and desperate needs of the unreached who have no opportunity to hear of the love of Christ. Since then women in Muslim Guinea have targeted unreached people with prayer. A team in Gabon led a praise march through three unreached villages and started a Bible study. Another team from Cote d'Ivoire visited two Toura villages and saw 43 converts in one week. A citywide rally in Abidjan saw two Koyaka's accept Christ in spite of the curses of their witch doctors.

Violet encouraged the leaders and shared resources with them. A year later she traveled to three more countries. She was saddened by the refusal of pastors in a strongly Muslim country to allow women from different denominations to meet together. She finally convinced them to permit the women to attend her training seminar.

With over 200 unreached peoples of more than 10,000 population in West Africa, the task seemed endless. Yet Violet believed that once women were motivated and trained they had the potential to effect a spiritual breakthrough.

Even as she traveled last year Violet experienced weakness and shortness of breath. Doctors discovered a progressive, incurable heart condition and gave her a year to live. After her diagnosis she wrote: Heaven sounds good and glorious but somehow I feel it is more exciting here at this time. I want to finish what the Lord gave me to do. Triplets-mounting siege in the 10/40 Window . . . . There are no unreached people in heaven!

On March 14, 1998 God called Violet home where she awaits the arrival of those who finally heard because of her obedience and zeal.

Could you be an Advocate?

Olga began visiting the women and children in Grozny long before the ugly war with Russia began. There's no known church among the million or so Chenchen's. In fact, the word `church' would hardly describe the twenty or so believers who meet together in a home to worship and listen to Olga teach from the Bible.

During the war the plight of this handful of believers became desperate. Olga would go back and forth between her native Russia and Chechnya bringing food, milk powder, or used clothing-whatever people would give her. It became more and more dangerous as the Muslim leaders flaunted their authority in the face of the demoralized Russian troops.

Once Olga (not her real name) wrote a letter to a contact in the West admitting that the situation was so bad she couldn't stay permanently. The grim results of the war, the appalling poverty and the constant danger wore her down. But she couldn't stay away either. These were the people whom God had put on her heart.

Olga needs an advocate -- an intercessor, someone who cares about the suffering Chenchen's as she does. She needs to know she's not alone. She needs to be able to tell someone about the hunger, the disease, the fear -- about the women who lost their husbands and sweethearts in the senseless war-about the children without parents.

Because of women like Olga, who now works in another part of the Caucauses, the AD2000 Women's Track is forming an International Advocacy Team.

An Advocate is a woman who focuses on a specific unreached people group, and especially on the needs and opportunities of the women in that group. An Advocate learns about her people and prays fervently for them. She shares this information with others, enlisting them as Advocates. She keeps in touch with other Advocates for her people group. She may travel to visit them on a prayer journey, or help them by providing needed resources.

Our task at the Women's Track will be to connect Advocates with an unreached people group, especially in the 10/40 window, and wherever possible, with a woman working among that people. In the near future we will provide an opportunity for women to register as an Advocate for a specific people group, and information about training and other resources available. If interested, contact our US office.

For further information and addresses of international representatives contact: Judy Mbugua, chairperson, Box 49332, Nairobi, Kenya, Fax: 254-271-0254 E-Mail: AEA@MAF.org or Lorry Lutz , international<> coordinator, 4585 Hilton Pkwy, Ste. 202, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, Tel: 719-260-6788, Fax: 719-260-6784, E-mail: AD2000WT@ibm.net

What is CWC anyway?

CWC is an international group of woman leaders whose agenda arises from an ongoing needs analysis in the global Body of Christ. We are multi-cultural, with a focused, global agenda.

CWC stands for Commission on Women's Concerns for World Evangelical Fellowship.

Our Vision is: A World Influenced By Discipled Women.

Our Mission is: to disciple women globally by identifying their unique needs and then meeting those needs through evangelism, encouragement, education, and example.

We try to identify the issues that affect women globally -- get the facts -- publish the facts -- galvanize support for change -- and then develop strategies to facilitate change. We speak for women -- especially in the Church. We carry out our work by networking for resources to meet local needs, and by implementing projects where needs require it. As much as possible, we do our work through the regional and national evangelical fellowships so that the work is owned by the churches represented in those fellowships. We have become an internationally respected voice for women.

Leadership Development Institute

Dr. Jun Vencer, International Director of WEF, has developed a leadership training institute for the purpose of training leaders. The first institute is being held June 9-19, 1998, in Manila, Philippines. CWC Executive Chairman, Winnie Bartel, has been asked to attend this institute for the purpose of evaluating it's content. CWC will decide what additional training will be needed specifically designed for women. CWC will make this available to women worldwide.

Female Circumcision -- African Women's Burden!

CWC member Judy Mbugua, Chairman of PACWA in Nairobi, Kenya, informed the CWC Board that female circumcision has again become the practice in thousands of Christian churches throughout Africa. There has been a resurgence of many forms of traditional worship. CWC, through it's regional fellowship, PACWA, is raising support to reproduce hundreds of videos which teach against this practice. Judy informs us that wherever this video is shown, the practice of female circumcision decreases by 80%. Assisting Judy in this is CWC member Eva Sanderson of Zambia.

European Forum on Women in Leadership

On May 11-15, 1998, in Prague, Czech Republic, a consultation will be held on women in leadership. Fifty European leaders, both men and women, have been invited. Speakers will address various topics that will lead to discussion where all sides are invited to contribute. The goal of this consultation is to open up discussion regarding women's leadership roles in the church.

The four speakers are:

Lynn Smith, CWC member from Canada, will introduce the need to reconsider the doctrine of humankind. Lynn authored the manual for CWC, Gender vs. Giftedness, A Challenge to Rethink the Basis for Leadership within the Christian Community.

Dr. Miroslav Volf, a systematic theologian from Germany, will pose questions on creation and the relation to the question of women in the churches.

Dr. Judith Gundry Volf, a theologian from Fuller Seminary, will show the activities of women in Pauline churches.

Elaine Lack, the Swiss YFC Director, will give two Bible studies on OT & NT women.

Chairman of the forum is CWC member Ksenija Magda. She will open with an `historic overview' of evangelical women in history of European nations. Assisting her is Ingrid Kern, CWC member from Germany.

Abuse Against Women In the Evangelical Home

This is one of the fastest growing concerns for CWC. At the WEF 10th General Assembly in Canada, we were approached by several national leaders regarding this perpetration being committed in their countries by their Christian leaders. Since then, our inquires have revealed to us that this is a `secret' or `hidden' problem in many homes of pastors and religious leaders around the world. We have begun to organize a task force to research and address this insidious sin, calling it: PROJECT HOPE -- Homes Of Peace Everywhere! Currently, CWC member Blossom White of Jamaica, is working on a brochure which will speak out against this abuse from a biblical viewpoint. This brochure will provide a few examples of abuse and give a simple sermon outline with a suggested Bible study. CWC's plans are to place a brochure in the hands of every WEF leader worldwide urging them to take action.

AS YOU CAN SEE, CWC'S WORK NEVER ENDS! Please pray for us! CWC currently has fellowships in approximately 60 nations of the world. We are working on 10 more this year. As Chairman of this incredible group of women, I ask for your prayer support for CWC. For an immense task -- one needs immense prayer! Thank you ever so much. Winnie Bartel CWC Website: http://www.worldevangelical.org -- 270 Elm St., Shafter, CA 93263; 805/746-4748; ewbartel@lightspeed.net

Taking One Bible on Holidays!

A couple of years ago, Dorothy, a business woman from a Western country was planning her holidays. She had three weeks to spend anywhere in the world and wanted to go somewhere where she could take a Bible to a country closed to the Gospel.

As she prayed, she felt God leading her to a particular country in North Asia, so she got a visa, booked a hotel and obtained one copy of the Bible in the language of the people she was going to. She prayed that during her stay, she would be led to give the Bible to the right person and so carried it with her everywhere.

A few days after her arrival she stopped a young woman to ask for directions. The girl, who spoke some English, offered to walk with her. They talked as they walked, and when they reached their destination, the older woman felt that this was the person to whom she should give the Bible. As she handed it over, she mentioned the name of the hotel at which she was staying.

The next day the young woman, Marisa, was back asking for information about the God she had read about in her Bible. The two women talked and each day for the next two weeks they met and talked more about faith in Jesus. Just before Dorothy was due to return home, Marisa became a Christian.

Dorothy promised to pray for her and some weeks later was thrilled to receive a letter from Marisa who said she had started a small Bible reading group in her home. Some months later, she wrote to say that about twenty young people were meeting with her to study the one Bible Dorothy had given her.

Today, an unofficial `house' church is being led by Marisa!

This Gospel is bearing fruit and growing even in parts of the world that are not open to missionaries and God used a faithful woman to make her holidays count creatively for the Kingdom.

Lausanne Women's Network


We are women from all over the world, from many different countries, races and languages, who are committed to taking the Good News of Jesus to others and have a vision for world evangelization.

The Network began as one of the `Tracks' at the Lausanne II Conference in Manila, Philippines in 1989 when 900 Christian women from over 150 countries met as part of the 4,500 delegates who came together to think, pray, share and strategize about mobilizing the `Whole Church to take the Whole Gospel to the Whole World.'


  1. Challenge, train, encourage and mobilize women for the task of world evangelization.
  2. Network women involved in evangelism and Bible teaching in different parts of the world so that ideas, ministries and models of evangelism can be shared and those in particularly difficult places can be assured of committed prayer support.
  3. Conduct national and regional conferences bringing together Christian women leaders who will return to their own countries with a renewed vision and burden for those who have never heard the Gospel and be challenged to share what they have learned and heard with others.
  4. Visit women on location often working alongside them through outreach, teaching, Bible study and spiritual nurture.


Around the world, the Lausanne Women's Network is committed to identifying and training younger women for Christian leadership in evangelism. We are in the process of developing national, regional and international networks of young women to provide opportunities for them to meet other Gospel-minded, young women and providing older, more experienced women leaders as Mentors. The primary aim is to show young Christian women how they can use their gifts, abilities and opportunities for strategic involvement in World Evangelization.

If you have some suggestions of young women whom you would like to see as part of this Mentoring network write to Robyn Claydon at the address below.


NEED MORE INFORMATION? Contact Robyn Claydon Lausanne Senior Associate for Women in World Evangelization 12 Cornwall Ave., Turramurra, NSW, Australia 2074. Fax: 61-2-9267-3626; E-mail: dclaydon@ozemail.com.au