Vision and Purpose

Vision Statement

The AD2000 Women's Track seeks to promote the vision of world evangelism by mobilizing, encouraging and training women primarily through already established churches and women's groups. It focuses on unity rather than diversity, on partnership rather than duplicating efforts, on cooperation rather than independance. It is committed to releasing and equipping women for service, using the gifts God has given them, especially among the least reached people groups.


Our primary purpose is to be a catalytic force to mobilize, equip and release Christian women leaders for evangelism, especially among the least reached. Least reached is defined in these guidelines as: An ethno-linguistic group with a population of less than 5% Christian adherence and who have little or no opportunity to hear or respond to the Gospel.

We also help women to grow in their faith, become more successful as wives and mothers; become more knowledgeable of the Word of God; experience greater freedom from injustice and inequality and be able to overcome poverty and abuse. As these objectives contribute to more effective witnessing and outreach to the lost and least reached, they are incorporated into the overall vision, but they must never replace the primary purpose.

We seek to fulfill the above by:

  1. Information: To share the conditions and needs of those least reached with the Gospel, especially those of women.
  2. Inspiration: To provide models of women in ministry and evangelism.
  3. Instruction: To facilitate training to equip women in prayer and evangelism and in the use of their gifts and leadership skills.
  4. Interaction: To mobilize and network key women leaders locally and internationally.
  5. Involvement: To promote advocacy for the adoption of least reached people groups, and the actual penetration of these groups with prayer teams, missions trips, holistic ministries, long-term evangelists and church planters.
  6. Interdependance: To encourage partnership of men and women in ministry, and cooperation with other ministries who share our common goals and objectives.


We will seek to accomplish this by:

Expected Results in every nation where there is an AD2000 Women's Track network

Because of the difference in size and population in each region, it is suggested that the regional leader with her national coordinators set specific goals for the following:

Since the Great Commission is incumbant upon all Christians, we seek to work cross-culturally, internationally and across gender, denominational and organizational barriers to reach people for Christ who have never known His love.

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