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You can be an advocate for women in the 10/40 Window

In India families rejoice at the birth of a son -- but the birth of a daughter is an unfortunate bit of fate.

In Afghanistan seventy-five percent of women are illiterate and girls are not allowed to go to school.

In Turkmenistan a woman must cover her face and not speak to her mother-in-law until her first child is born even though they live in the same house.

But even more serious, millions of women like these in the 10/40 Window have no opportunity to hear that Christ loves them. They need someone to pray for them and to show them the difference Christ can make. As an advocate you can help make this happen!

What is an advocate?

An advocate for women in the 10/40 Window is a Christian who has a special concern for women in a specific unreached people group (UPG) that has little or no access to the Gospel. She cares about them, prays for them and learns all she can about their culture and needs. She may link up with an "advocate partner" that is serving among her UPG. Her goal is to pray and care until God establishes a strong church that is able to propagate the Gospel to others.

Why advocate for women?

Patrick Johnstone, author of Operation World, says "If we do not reach women in the unreached people groups of the world, so that they can pass on faith and Christian lifestyles to their children, the next generation will be pagen." Women are the key to the culture -- the most important and lasting influence on their children. Unfortunately their needs are often ignored, and they are hidden and out of reach, especially in Muslim cultures.

What does an advocate do?

There are numerous ways to advoate for the women in your chosen UPG. The Lord will lead you according to your skills and gifts. Listed below are just a few:

We're here to help!

The Women's Link Advocacy Team serves as a connecting link by giving you means to be in touch with other advocates for your UPG -- ones who may be doing the same things, but who may not be focusing on women.

Our goal is to provide adoption guidance and other resources, literature, web site conference addresses and information about training opportunities, as well as any specific information about your UPG that we have. We will send a quarterly newsletter to keep you updated on the Advocacy Team and new opportunities. We ask that you in turn will inform us of your progress and developments.

Above all, if we have a contact, we'll connect you with a Christian woman serving among your UPG. We already have dozens of women on our list who need prayer, encouragement, and someone to be a friend in a difficult and sometimes lonely task.

How to get started

  1. Click here to complete the advocacy application.
  2. After you return your questionnaire and fee, we will send you a packet of materials and resources including the latest list of the Joshua Project 2000 People as defined by the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. If you do not have a special unreached people group in mind, we will assign one, and if possible, put you in touch with a woman serving in that group.

You can be an advocate at any age and in any place -- and you will have the joy of seeing God work in a people who may have never had the opportunity to learn of Him before.

The 10/40 Window extends from West Africa to East Asia, from ten degrees north to forty degrees north. 97% of the least evangelized people live here, of which 3/4 are women and children.

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