You can be an advocate for women in the 10/40 Window

Please complete all fields in the Application section, read the Agreement section, then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to send your information to the AD2000 Women's Track Office.


     Your Name: 
          City:   State:   Zip:   
         Phone:  (include area/country codes)
           Fax:  (include area/country codes)
E-mail Address: 

Describe present outreach ministries through your church or in other areas:

Do you have an interest in a specific unreached people group?

Yes    Which one?
Country or
Geographic Area
Have you officially adopted this group yet? Yes No
No    Do you wish for us to help you select one? Yes No

Check any areas of interest / participation:
Prayer and intercession for women in your specified people group
Setup / participate in a prayer network for your people group
Network with others who have also adopted my people group)
Learn more about the lifestyle and needs of women in your group
Go on prayer walks to your people group's part of the world
Teach others about your people group
Mobilize other women to become advocates
Speak in churches / women's groups etc. about my people group and advocacy
Research your people group
Network with other advocates
Provide skills training with meet the needs of women in your people group
Volunteer with administrative skills for the Women's International Advocacy Team at the Colorado Springs office
Provide financial or other resources to your selected people group

Please provide us with at least two references, one of which is your pastor or other person in ministry that knows your heart and desire for the unreached:

Reference 1 Name: 
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           Phone:  (include area/country codes)
             Fax:  (include area/country codes)
  E-mail Address: 

Reference 2 Name: 
            City:   State:   Zip:   
           Phone:  (include area/country codes)
             Fax:  (include area/country codes)
  E-mail Address: 


God has burdened my heart for women in unreached peoples. Please enlist me as part of The Women's Link Advocacy Team and keep me informed of training opportunities, models of advocacy and other pertinent information. I will take this commitment seriously and will faithfully follow up with at least one of the areas of interest / participation listed above until I see or hear of a viable church plant amongst my chosen people group.

I will keep the AD2000 Women's Track informed of developments and prayer requests as the situation warrants. If I am able to develop a relationship with a woman in my people group, I will follow the guidelines and any security policies issued. As much as possible I will cooperate with existing advocacy groups for my people group and I will enlist the advice and insights of other advocates in how to provide resources, etc.

I will seek to enlist at least two other women as advocates this year and will look for opportunities to promote the need of unreached people to hear the Gospel.

I stand in agreement with the Statement of Faith.

____________________________________________      ___________________________

Signature Date

You may either:
  1. Print and sign this form and mail it plus a check for $30.00 (US) for the registration and materials cost to:
      AD2000 Women's Track
      4585 Hilton Parkway, #202
      Colorado Springs, CO 80907
  2. Press the Sign & Submit button below to send your application electronically to the AD2000 Women's track.

    Pressing the Sign & Submit button is the same as singing the printed form. You are saying that you agree with everything in the Agreement and Statement of Faith. You are also responsible for mailing your check for $30.00 (US) to the address above.

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