World by 2000 Prayer and Praise Items
for September 10, 1996

The following are the praise and prayer items for the annual World by 2000 Day of Prayer, Tuesday September 10, 1996. The churches who have partnered with us may wish to participate in the Day of Prayer on Sunday, September 8.

The following list demonstrates the great things God is doing to enable program development in many new languages. There are also a number of reminders for prayer to see new opportunities open up for program development and airing as well as continuity for current broadcasts.



Broadcasts to the YAO people, a Muslim group living in Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi, started in 1991. From the start they have been well received, with a number of Yao people turning to Christ, and many listeners asking for longer programmes. The project hit difficulties in its early stages with the loss of the producer and the coordinator. Often we have had to air repeat programmes. Now production is diversified between the three countries. PRAY for inspiration for producers and for a regular flow of new programmes.

PRAY for initiatives currently underway to recruit a coordinator for the Yao language. This would enable time on air to be extended. PRAY for Russell Ashley-Smith, Feba's representative in South Africa, who is assisting in the recruitment process.

PRAISE the Lord for a good initial response from South African churches to initiatives by Feba to establish a support base there for Feba's ministry to Africa. PRAY for Russell and Gill Ashley-Smith, Feba's representatives in Johannesburg, as they share about Feba's ministry and develop relationships with the Christian community.

SENA and MAKONDE are spoken in Mozambique, and we hope to have them on air in September. Please pray


HAZARAGI is spoken by Shia Muslims in the mountainous center of Afghanistan. They feel oppressed, being surrounded by ethnic groups whose form of Islam is Sunni. Daily 15-minute broadcasts from Seychelles are due to begin late September or early October. They will be adjacent to programmes in Dari, the main language of Afghanistan. PRAY for the rapid building of an audience.

Programmes in AZERI have been on air for four years, yet in all that time only three letters have been received in response to broadcasts. This is disheartening - great stickability is required on the part of the programme supplying partner and the sponsor. PRAY that response will flow. Also PRAY concerning plans to place these programmes on a high power medium wave in the CIS.


A Bible reading programme in HINDKO, the fourth programme in that language, is due to go on air in September. PRAY that the Lord will use it to speak to listeners. The Hindko programme producer is shortly leaving Pakistan for the USA. PRAY for a replacement.

A third programme in SIRAIKI goes on air in September. PRAY for new listeners: PRAY the Lord will use the programme to speak to them.

The BALUCHI follow-up team goes into the listeners' areas to meet them and talk to them. This is sensitive work which can be dangerous. PRAY for wisdom and safety. PRAY too for funding: the suppliers are having difficulty in paying for their airtime. They would like to put a third programme on air but are constrained by lack of funds.

Finance is also a constriction in getting BRAHUI on air. Brahui is spoken by 2-3 million people in Baluchistan, and it is hoped to get it on air this year. PRAY for funding.

PRAY for initiatives by Feba offices in Africa, Pakistan and the Middle East to raise local financial and prayer support for Feba's ministry. PRAY these initiatives will result in an increase in funding of WB2000 languages.

FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company)

On September 15-16, Em Perez, our Special Projects Manager, will be meeting with representatives from SIM and Al-Hayat in Cotabato, Southern Mindanao to discuss plans of organizing a Maguindanao broadcast. Maguindanao is one language group under Philippines by 2000. Under this tripartite partnership, SIM would be supplying the programs, FEBC would provide technical and financial assistance while Al-Hayat which is a local non-government organization would take care of follow-up work.

Pray for sensitivity to the Lord's leading as the group meets for the first time. Maguindanao is one of the hardest Muslim groups to reach for the gospel. Pray that the Lord will fully bless this breakthrough to its fulfillment.

Kohmering is a language spoken by one million people in the southern portion of Sumatra, Indonesia. Pray for the development of broadcasts in the Komering language which are being coordinated from Singapore.

The First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, California, helps sponsor Pastor Kong Sitthi, who is a Dai Lue speaker. The Dai language is spoken by one million people in southwest China. Pray for Pastor Kong as he produces programs in the Dai language. These programs are suppposed to go on the air in September from Manila Philippines. Pray for the working relationship between FEBC and FEFC. Pray for Joy Crawford, the Dai language coordinator from FEFC who works with Pastor Kong.

HCJB (HCJB World Radio)

GENERAL: Pray that all expatriates who are working in World by 2000 language countries improve their sensitivity to the local church.



Praise God for the establishment of local radio ministries in 21 countries of Euro-Asia. Pray for interaction with local groups, unity and protection of believers and wisdom for coordinators David and Sharon Kealy. Pray for ongoing cooperative ministries with many local and mission groups. Ask that God will be honored and His kingdom built as we continue to work together.

Christian Media Associates, our partner charity organization in Kiev, continues to work on the "Faith Comes By Hearing" dramatized New Testament project. Certainly the enemy does not want this project finished as they have had great struggles with equipment break down etc., pray God's protection on the staff and the equipment and that this dramatized scripture will soon be aired in the Ukraine language along with Russian and the eventual targeted 15 languages of Euro- Asia.

Continue to pray for the production and airing of programs in Bashkir, Tatar, and Chuvash languages in Central Russia. Ongoing training is going on and many requests come for more training programs. Pray for those who travel to these areas to teach and pray for God's chosen programmers and technicians.


Pray for a permit and transmitter site for private local broadcasts. Short-wave programs continue to be broadcast but local programs have been pressured by Orthodox Church leaders to drop Christian programs.

Pray for the critical economic needs of this country. Pray also for greater unity among the believers. Praise God for a growing evangelical church.

Pray for radio staff as they produce materials for radio programs directed to the Chechen people in Russia and the Luri in Iran.

GEORGIAN in Republic of Georgia: During the past year programs have been produced in Georgian for the Georgian audience for local radio. Local private radio stations supported by the government under pressure from the orthodox church have removed the programs from the broadcast schedule because of their Christian content. Pray that daily broadcasts will resume as the production staff responds to these pressures.


Pray tha a Romani-speaking Christian could be found to record radio programs in this language, spoken mostly by Gypsies in countries such as Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Ask God to break through the barrier of spiritism.


Continue to pray for the Radio Voice of the Gospel stations in this country. Important decisions are being made that will determine the future of Christian broadcasts.

Evangelical radio stations can continue to broadcast temporarily in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, but "nationalist-Orthodox leaders" are fighting to restrict or stop broadcasts by evangelicals.

Pray for freedom to proclaim the gospel.


Praise God for a possible partnership in Poland to put at least one station on the air. Staff are requesting hardware and training from HCJB World Radio.


Pray as we continue to work with the Estonian radio network to provide training. We are pursuing the setting up of a radio training program in Tartu and will offer further help in the radio work in this country in partnership with Estonian Ministries.

Latvian Christian Radio in Riga has the vision to cover the entire nation with repeater stations. They now have two and want to set up at least 3 or 4 more. Ask God to give wisdom as we seek to help them through training, equipment, sharing of programs encourage this ministry.


In their rebellion to the Soviet regime, people in Central Asia have more readily embraced Islam than Christianity. This has resulted in persecution to Christian activity including radio production, broadcast and listener follow-up . Pray for production teams and trainees in these Central Asia Countries where Tajik, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Turkmen, and Southern Uzbek languages are spoken.

TATAR in Tatarstan: Pray for the people, who translate materials for radio programs in the Tatar Language. This is the most Northern Muslim country of the world. Our partner ministry staff has suffered persecution and live under great adversity.

CHECHEN in Chechnya: During the past year production has commenced for the Chechen language at studios in two countries in the region. Pray for the selection of the best broadcast medium for this war torn and ravaged region of Southern Russian.

Chechnya: Pray for this ravaged region, where one-half of the residents are now refuges in surrounding areas.

CHUVASH in CHUVASHIYA: Praise the Lord: During the last year several churches have been formed in CHUVASHIYA, central Russia, as the direct result of Chuvash programs on a local radio station. Dozens of baptisms have been reported. This encourages us in our WB200 commitment as we see people respond to the gospel with an act of faith in Jesus Christ.


Application has been filed for a broadcast site in Zambia. Pray that God will open the door to move ahead in this project to make possible more effective coverage of the many unreached languages in Africa.


Pray for Horace Easterling, the new director of the ALAS satellite network, operated by HCJB World Radio and Trans World Radio. (David Birdsal, former leader, is on Home ministry assignment). Continue to pray for the linking of new stations in this network and give praise for the incredible response through the follow-up centers. Ask God to continue to protect the ministries and guard against anything that would prevent effective ministry.


Thank the Lord for the Christian Center of Communications, a school that trains Latin American young people in the mass media. 28 students are currently enrolled. Seven will graduate in September. Pray that God will lead these graduates into effective ministries.

SIM (Society for International Ministries)


"The radio station and hospital operated by SIM in the suburbs of Monrovia, Liberia, were abandoned Thursday, May 2. The complex was overrun by drug- crazed fighters two days previous. Every home on the compound was systematically entered and looted. Even the hospital and pharmacy were stripped, and the last remaining vehicles taken...

"Jonathan Shea, SIM Director for the West African Field Area, says, "The future of ELWA now looks worse than in 1990. Humanly speaking, we fear this is again the end of the radio facilities - maybe this time of the hospital and other ministries in Liberia as well. But there are no regrets. Every minute we were on the air, every patient we cared for, every church leader we helped train and encourage, is worth what we put into them, and we hang on to God's promise '... my Word will not return to me empty...

"SIM wishes to give thanks to God, and also express thanks to all who have been praying for the safety of SIM personnel in Liberia. Please continue to pray for the safety of the Liberian staff who are scattered. Pray also for a lasting peace in this troubled nation whose people have suffered so greatly."

Pray for God's wisdom and guidance for the future radio ministries of SIM.



Pray for the proposed new radio ministry to bring the Gospel to the Dendi speaking people. The Dendi people are mainly Muslim and closed to the Gospel. Songs and messages are being recorded in the Dendi languages at the SIM Parakou , Benin, recording studio. Release is projected over loca l radio stations. Audio cassettes of the programs will be distributed by evangelists and made available in bookstores.

Pray for an opening on a local radio station whose signal will give adequate coverage to several people groups that speak the Dendi language.

EAST AFRICA -- Somali Gospel Radio

Pray that the Holy Spirit will use the radio programs in a renewed way to bring the Gospel to the Somalis, the majority having access to the Word of God only through the radio programs. Pray that the scattered Somali Christians will be strengthened in their faith through the broadcasts.

Pray for the safety of the few Somali Christians. In the last two years, five have been killed in Mogadishu. Muslim extremists have threatened the lives of Somali Christians in Nairobi.

The SIM Somali programs are released daily by FEBA and TWR.


Pray for the new SIM radio initiative called, "God, Our Owner's Word.

The twice daily 5-minute Scripture readings in the Guarani language aim to expose the people of rural Paraguay to the Word of God and to prepare them to hear and receive the Gospel message through the ministry of missionaries and national believers.

Previous experience with Spanish radio programs in Paraguay by SIM missionaries has proved that the recognition afforded through the broadcasts can be a valuable asset in gaining a serious hearing for the Gospel by the rural people.

TWR (Trans World Radio)


Program producer Hasan Santoso plans to expand our Madurese programs (targeting listeners in Madura, Indonesia) from 3 days to 5 days a week--as soon as support allows.

Rev Wayan Degeng and Mr Agung Jelantick, part-time producer and announcer respectively, continue to reformat our Monday and Tuesday Balinese programs into one of "mamaca" (drama), highly appreciated by the Balinese people in Indonesia.


Pray that God will raise up a full-time producer/announcer to assist Yohanes Tammu in his production of our Torjanese programs, which target listeners in Indonesia. Yohanes produces the program part-time; a full-time partner would enable us expand the program, airing it daily instead of just twice a week. -- Pray for Director Makitan's team, as he is currently making visits to Bali, Madura and Sulawesi to conduct research among listeners. He, himself, will be conducting soon a script writing course for five of our Studio Sentosa program producers.


Praise God for the work He has been doing among the Gipsies! It's reported that a revival is taking place among the 30,000 caravan dwellers and the 5,000 Gipsies in the Netherlands.

Pray for George Cooper & Jozef Gabor of TWR-Europe (Vienna) who have been in Sofia, Bulgaria setting up the Gypsy program production. They have met with several Gypsy pastors, setting up a training session for programming and production which will be held in Sofia in September.


Pray for TWR-Africa's regional staff as we seek which languages should be looked at next in terms of God's priorities. Our August Regional 15 - 19 planning conference will be a crucial time in setting ministry priorities for the next few years. We have a number of languages like for example Bemba of Zambia for which we have prayed for years - but there has been no movement in terms of potential sponsors who would pioneer this.

Praise God regarding a Timbuka program for Northern Malawi! We have been working for some time with groups interested in this. On Radio Sunday (June 96) the local churches made a commitment to sponsor the production.

Pray for a new Nupe program, targeting Nigerai, which began airing July 21.

Pray for new programs in Kanuri, targeting Nigeria, and Shua- Arabic, targeting Chad, both of which begin airing on 1 Sept.

Pray for sponsors, support groups, and producers for programs in Bangala and Kituba, targeting Zaire; Bemba, targeting Zambia; and Luganda, targeting Uganda .

Praise for Kirundi program, targeting Burundi, which went on air 30 min daily Sunday 7th July.

Pray for protection and wisdom for producers of Arabic and Shua- Arabic which are targeted to Muslim dominated areas of West and Central Africa.

Praise God for our Lomwe and Makhua programs, which continue to bear much fruit.

Praise God for the generosity of a Kikongo church, which raised over US$1000 in Luanda, Angola last month to pay for the production of the new Kikongo progs . We praise God for this sacrificial giving, given so that their fellow countrymen can hear the Gospel.