World by 2000 Annual Day of Prayer

The following are the World by 2000 Praise and Prayer items I have received for the annual day of prayer, September 10. Since this falls on a Wednesday this year, those who encourage church participation in this day of prayer may want to designate either September 7 or 14 for this purpose.

The situation in Cambodia has occupied a considerable amount of time and energy for the FEBC staff. I am sure they would appreciate your prayers for them as they monitor what is happening there and discern how they should respond.



BRAHUI: PRAISE the Lord that partial sponsorship has now been promised for broadcasts in this language, spoken by 2 million people in Baluchistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. A listener follow-up service is also in place. PRAY for the balance of financial sponsorship necessary for the programmes to start.

SOUTHERN BALUCHI: Two programmes a week in Southern Baluchi, spoken in Pakistan, Iran and the lower Arabian Gulf, are generating an average of 50 letters a month. Pray for the correspondence counselors as they reply to each letter.

Work is underway on a third programme featuring common questions on the Christian faith. Please pray for the funds necessary to put it on air.

Please pray for plan to make a Bible correspondence course available in Baluchi. Personnel are needed to work on this project.

WESTERN BALUCHI: This language is spoken in Baluchistan and surrounding countries. Literacy is low among Baluchi speakers giving radio special attraction. We hope to go on air in Western Baluchi early in 1998. Please pray for the smooth progress of this project. At present pilot programmes are due to be evaluated.


AFAR and BEJA: FEBA is developing these languages in partnership with IBRA. Local surveys have been conducted. In September, team members are visiting Ethiopia and Eritrea, where the languages are spoken, to stimulate interest in the project in the local church. Pray the Lord will bring them into contact with others who share the same vision.

TSHILUBA: Pastor Tshilenga-Emmanuel is a Tshiluba pastor who is keen to develop programmes in that language, spoken in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Members of Feba's Africa team recently spent a day with him in production and strategy training. Pray the Lord will develop and use his gifts, and sustain his vision for this outreach by radio.

NUER and DINKA have been on air since November '96 to Southern Sudan. There is no postal system functioning there. Pray that the Lord will facilitate regular trips by the producers into the listening area, and that a good system of audience relations will be established.

Pray that local churches will catch the vision to support this project.

Pray for funds to take on another Nuer producer.

Pray for the resources to expand the broadcasts from four to at least six days a week.

MAKONDE and SENA: Response to broadcasts in these languages, spoken mainly in Mozambique, has been good. Many listeners request more broadcasting time. PRAY for the resources necessary to expand to seven days a week.

Pray for the Makonde and Sena producers, all of whom are quite new to the work. Pray they will keep to the Programme Strategy Plan that was put together at the beginning of the project. Pray for fresh ideas on how to present the programmes.

HCJB World Radio (HCJB)


Pray for more than 300 staff members of partner ministries serving in 21 countries at 22 stations and 16 studios. Pray for governments to approve broadcasting permits that have been submitted in nine additional cities.


PRAISE GOD for the new partner station here. Pray for program preparations as this station goes on the air soon. Pray for the local partner organization to be able to set up a Christian radio network in this country.


PRAISE GOD that doors are opening for evangelization as a result of Radio Kolakani, a station started with HCJB's help. Pray for good results as a second station goes on the air in Bamako.


PRAISE GOD for encouraging testimonies of changed lives from listeners to the Radio Voice of the Gospel network with stations in Oradea, Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj, Timisoara and Suceava.

Pray for Viorel Bradea as he records programs for this network from the HCJB Australia studios.


Pray for Paul Djini as he records programs at the Melbourne studio in Oromo for Ethiopa, to be broadcast from FEBA Seychelles beginning Sept. 12.

Pray for development of new language programs to be produced in the Melbourne studios. Pray for the right person to do Uyghur programming for FEBC Saipan. Uyghur is spoken by 7 million people in western China and Kazakhstan.


Pray for the future of gospel broadcasting in this country if the new law is passed restricting religious activity.

PRAISE GOD for an FM license granted in Yakutsk.


PRAISE GOD that new equipment from our Elkhart engineers is sending out a much more powerful signal, now covering a 50-70 mile radius, including Kinshasa and Brazzaville, Congo, where 6 million people live.

Pray that our partner Christian stations in Kinshasa, Rethy and Bukavu can stay on the air despite a newly imposed yearly fee of $50,000 per station. Pray that this fee would be eliminated.


PRAISE GOD that the daily programs in the Wolof language are being heard clearly. Ask God to give wisdom in the follow-up of listeners.


PRAISE GOD that the center recently sent transmitters to Estonia, Poland and Moldova to partner stations.


Pray for a programmer and funding for broadcasts in the Luri language, spoken by 3.2 million Muslims in Iran.


PRAISE GOD for the new station in Leo (near Ghana) which is the first FM station in this area. Pray for effective ministry to the 13 language groups targeted by the station.


PRAISE GOD that formation of a regional office in Gibraltar is on track.

PRAISE GOD Radio Vida has a new higher antenna location giving broader coverage.

Pray for programming decisions for Radio Vida in Spain.

Pray for the Bob Smith family in their move to Gibraltar, for their housing needs, and children's schooling. Pray for Bob in decisions on ministry plan for the Regional office and for needed personnel.

Pray for strength for believers in N.Africa/Mid East to withstand opposition.

Pray for spiritual fruit from the broadcasts into this region.


Pray for two partner stations in the Middle East who are on air in four languages. Pray that God would give them wisdom and boldness as they present the gospel to primarily Muslim audiences. Pray for the protection of the staff.


PRAISE GOD for many good contacts and new opportunities which came out of the GCOWE `97 meetings in South Africa.


Pray for the following license applications in process:

East Africa

Somali Gospel Radio -- Pray that the Holy Spirit will use the radio programs in a renewed way to bring the Gospel to the Somalis, the majority having access to the Word of God only through the radio programs.

Praise the Lord for the good number of Bible courses, tracts, and booklets that are sent to the listeners of the SIM Amharic radio programs for Ethiopia. Pray that the Holy Spirit will use the message in this literature to bring people to faith in Christ.

West Africa

Tamajaq Gospel Radio -- Pray that more broadcast time would be available for these programs. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the listeners to tune in their radios to the programs, and that the Spirit will open blinded eyes to the truth of the Gospel.

Pray for the follow-up to the Fulani broadcasts that small groups of believers will be formed for mutual support, fellowship and for the individuals to grow in their new found faith in Jesus Christ.

Pray for lasting peace in Liberia and for the dedicated Liberian Christians with a desire to begin a FM radio ministry in Monrovia. Pray that their vision will be realized.

Trans World Radio (TWR)


Praise for the opportunity to show the WB2000 video two times during the GCOWE 97 conference.

Praise for excellent meetings and a new commitment to networking among participants of World by 2000 in Africa. IBRA and Christian Voice, a station in Zambia, also participated.

Praise for the encouraging responses to all our World by 2000 broadcasts, especially Fulfulde, Hausa and Yoruba, where more than 40% of the response is from Muslims.

Praise for two new languages, Baoule and Bambara, which began on June 30 to air 30 minutes daily.

Pray for partners to share the costs of broadcasts for the Kanuri. The programs have already been produced.

Pray for Juba and Shua Arabic broadcasts scheduled to begin in October.

Pray for the development of a Mwani pilot project with SIL for Northern Mozambique.

Pray for all the logistics needed to prepare for launching full TEE extension (study by correspondence) to Makhuwa programs the second quarter of 1998.


Praise for the developing ministry from Armenia into the Caucasus region and former USSR countries. Pray for continued growth in listenership.