World by 2000 Prayer and Praise Items
for the Fourth Quarter, 1997

The following praise and prayer items have been received for the fourth quarter of 1997. We praise God for what He has been doing to open closed doors and continue to be encouraged to intercede on behalf of those people groups and languages still need to have the gospel available to them.

by Arnold Remtema
International Radio Research Office
World by 2000
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PO Box 62577
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-2577 USA

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BEJA (Eritrea and Ethiopia): Members of Feba's Africa team recently visited the Beja people, a Muslim group located in Eritrea and Ethiopia. They report:

Items for prayer:

Pray for the church in Eritrea as they make decisions regarding the next step in reaching the Beja. This could well include putting an evangelist near to the Beja to learn the language and communicate the Gospel.

Pray for the cooperation of the two international radio missions and the church in Eritrea.

Pray for the setting up of a studio in Eritrea for the production of cassettes and later radio programmes.

Pray for the many overseas groups that are taking an interest in the Beja particularly in praying and most probably later on in supporting the outreach work.

Pray that the wider church in Eritrea will take a deep interest in reaching out to the peoples of their own land and in particular the unreached people groups.

AFAR (Eritrea and Ethiopia):

We have removed the programmes from the air as the programme sponsor ran out of airtime funds but also the programmes had been repeated many times. We are looking for partners in seeing how to develop the ministry among the Afar. The church we are in contact with re the Beja also have church groups in the Afar region.

NUER & DINKA (Southern Sudan):

We are looking to expand these to a seven day per week broadcast. Pray for funds to enable this.

MAKONDE AND SENA (Mozambique):

Please continue to pray for expansion in both languages to seven days a week.

PAKISTAN - SOUTHERN BALUCHI (Pakistan, Iran, Lower Arabian Gulf)

Praise God that the long-awaited 3rd programme of Baluchi is now ready. Programmes are ready to go on air, in November or at the latest December, God willing. God has arranged for the production and airtime. PTL!

Pray for the suppliers, the producer and the team of artists. One presenter has received threatening letters and they need your prayers for their security and safety.

Pray for the Audience Relations team, especially their mobile team which goes to meet the listeners in their reception areas.

PAKISTAN - BRAHUI (Baluchistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan)

Pray for the balance of funds needed to put Brahui on air in December. Pilots have been tested and evaluated. We are in the process of producing some music for it. Pray too for a co-ordinator for the Brahui Working Group.


AZERBAIJANI SOUTH (AZB) - around 14 million speakers in Iran We have now been on air on short-wave for over five years and have had little letter response. We are actively pursuing a medium-wave alternative.

Pray for these negotiations.

Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC)

KOMERING: Give thanks that the new Komering broadcaster has received basic program production training at YASKI (FEBC Indonesia) in Jakarta. He is enthusiastic about the radio project and is anxious to get programs on air starting in a few weeks. Pray for the logistics of getting programs recorded while living a long way from Jakarta. He will need to make monthly visits to the Jakarta studios for recording the broadcasts.

GORONTALO: Praise God for good response to the broadcasts as a direct result of innovative programming directed to this Muslim group in N.Sulawesi (Indonesia). I am planning a visit there in early February to learn more about the broadcasts and how they are making an impact on this group (writes F.Gray). It could yield useful information as a case study on outreach to Muslim groups via radio in a contextualised manner.

MAGUINDANAON: Because of security limitations it is not possible to report in detail on recent developments except to say that they are encouraging. A community development project is providing the forum in S. Philippines.

DAI LU: Praise God that we seem to be making progress once again in this area. Recent contacts in Thailand have located two pastors interested in resuming production of Dai Lu programming. Pray that production will soon be able to begin again once training is done and that broadcasts will soon be on air.

MON: Pray for Mehm and Ruth Tun Thein who work in Thailand where Mehm produces the Mon broadcasts for transmission from Manila. He is most encouraged by the response from listeners and is now getting a number of Mon in Thailand to volunteer their skills. However, Ruth has been recently been afflicted once more with a lung condition which threatens her health and jeopardises their work. They have asked for our prayer at this time. Ruth writes:

FIRM FOUNDATIONS RADIO: Pray for Janice Reid who is developing a radio series (based on the proven New Tribes Mission chronological teaching) using distance learning methods. She will begin conducting workshops in 1998 on the use of this material which lends itself extremely well to Wb2000 language situations.

HCJB World Radio (HCJB)

  1. PRAISE for the productive WB2000 meetings with the Executive and Steering Committees hosted by FEBA in England Friday and Saturday, Oct. 9 and 10.
  2. AUSTRALIA: Thank God for the opportunity to commence production of programs in the Bemba language for two million speakers in Zambia. Pray for Jenny Mutembu as she writes and records these programs.
  3. NORTH AFRICA/MID EAST: Intercede for the missionary staff for this region. Ask God for protection from spiritual attacks, strong unity on the team, financial supply, housing transportation and schooling needs for the families. Uphold the ministry of the San Roque, Spain, FM station as they focus on the target audience and a proper start-up of the program schedule to evangelize and build up Christians in their faith.
  4. RUSSIA: Pray for encouragement and protection of the Christians in Russia whose freedom of worship has been greatly curtailed by the new " religious freedom" law there. Praise the Lord for the 12 cities in Russia where local Christian radio programs, produced by partner ministries, can be heard and followed-up locally.
  5. AFRICA: Pray for our partner stations in Mali and for the completion of a third FM station to go on the air there. Pray that a repeater station may go on the air in Republic of Congo (Zaire) for our partner, Believers Express.
  6. CENTRAL ASIA: Pray for our worker who chairs the Amu-Darya International Committee during their considerations on the expansion of the project to include all Central Asia World by 2000 languages. Pray for national staff as they live with the constant reality of persecution because of their faith.
  7. MID EAST: Pray for the many people in this un-named country who are listening to our partner radio station within the privacy and security of their homes. Pray for several key government officials who have been listening to the programs on fixed-frequency radios given to them. Praise God for the positive, profound impact that gospel radio is having on listeners there.
  8. 10/40 WINDOW: Ask God to mightily use the daily two minute radio prayer programs produced by Words of Hope for the purpose of prayer for the specific unreached peoples targeted for intercession on that day. These programs will be aired from HCJB and many other stations worldwide.
  9. ROMANIA: Praise the Lord that Romani, another World by 2000 language, is now on the air, broadcasting to the half million gypsies in Romania. Programs are produced and aired by one of our partner network stations in Sibiu.
  10. SENEGAL: Praise the Lord that the radio stations which broadcast the gospel in the Wolof language have apparently solved the problems involving high annual fees and are back on the air.



FM license for Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa
Short-wave license in Bolivia, South America


A small group of concerned Liberian Christians are looking to the Lord to provide so that they can establish a FM Christian radio station in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia.

Pray for the peace of Liberia and the newly elected President


The government recently published rules and regulations for private radio and television. Pray for the Lord's guidance as we investigate the possibilities of establishing a radio station in Benin in cooperation with the SIM-related UEEB Church and HCJB World Radio.

EAST AFRICA -- Somali Gospel Radio

Thank the Lord for the new production staff we have in this vital radio ministry.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will use the radio programs in a renewed way to bring the Gospel to the Somalis, the majority having access to the Word of God only through the radio programs. Pray that the scattered Somali Christians will be strengthened in their faith through the broadcasts.

Trans World Radio (TWR)

Praise God that we got a sponsor for the Maithili broadcast for 1998.

Pray for the producers of the WB2000 broadcasts and especially for good health.

Continue to pray for a sponsor for one more fifteen minute Konkani broadcast.

Pray for sponsors for Tibetan, Gondi and Kui broadcasts.