World by 2000 Prayer and Praise Items
for the Fourth Quarter, 1996

The following are the World by 2000 Praise and Prayer items for the fourth quarter of 1996.



Broadcasts in BRAHUI, spoken by 2-3m people in Baluchistan, are almost ready to go on air. Praise the Lord for the provision of a studio and production team. Now the need is for long-term airtime sponsorship. Pray the Lord will provide this.

Praise the Lord that from January broadcasts in HINDKO, BALUCHI and SIRAIKI will increase from 2 to 3 a week. Pray for new listeners as a result, Sammy Lyall is working to increase time on air to 7 days a week for most languages. PRAY for good progress in his efforts.

Pray for the BALUCHI team who are struggling for finances.

Pray for a replacement for the HINDKO producer, who has recently left Pakistan.

Letter response to programmes in PUNJABI, SIRAIKI and HINDKO is low. Pray the Lord will prompt listeners to write.


Praise the Lord that broadcasts in HAZARAGI, spoken by Muslims in mountainous Central Afghanistan, went on air early in October after many years of struggle. Programmes are on air seven days a week, which should help to make an impact. Pray that a regular audience will be established quickly, and pray for the follow-up operation, which for various reasons has to span several countries.

Praise the Lord for the good links being forged by the Central Asia team with significant media people in the region.

Praise the Lord for a Pakistani who is to join the team in Central Asia. We now need a Development Manager for Central Asian languages: pray the Lord will call someone to this work.

Pray for a training programme, planned for November/December, which is being set up for a family who may be strategic for starting radio ministry in WESTERN BALUCHI.


Please pray for the Lord's provision of a Programme Co-ordinator for YAO, spoken by a Muslim group in living in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. This would strengthen the work and enable increased time on air.

Praise the Lord that production of YAO programmes in Malawi has been stepped up, which means that on four out of the seven programmes a week no repeats need to be aired. Pray for the Mozambican YAO supplier who is also planning some new production. This will enable new programmes every day.


Give thanks for sponsorship for SENA and MAKONDE broadcasts.

Give thanks for the teams of newly-trained SENA and MAKONDE producers, who have been working hard to produce programmes. We hope that by the time these notes are read, programmes in both languages will be on air. They were scheduled to begin in November '96.

Most MAKONDE people have never heard of Jesus, though there is a growing young church there, following evangelists arriving in the region in 1990. Pray for a strong signal to the remote areas where the Makonde people live, in Northern Mozambique and Tanzania.

Pray for a suitable place for production of Makonde programmes. Producers are currently using a small room belonging to local missionaries.

The SENA people have a history of Christian influence which has created a strong church. However many lack solid Christian teaching and try to mix Christianity with tribal religions. Pray the programmes will provide a proper foundation for their faith.

Pray for Isaias Uaene as he co-ordinates these projects - a complex job because of distance and communications difficulties.


Broadcasts to Southern Sudan in the NUER and DINKA languages are expected to be on air by November '96. Pray they will bring hope to the people of this country, ravaged by war and famine, and will serve to encourage the persecuted church there. Pray for continued inspiration for the Nairobi-based producers, Michael (Nuer) and Stephen (Dinka).


Increasing the number of broadcast hours as a result of the WB2000 initiatives is increasing the wear-and-tear on the equipment while leaving less time for maintenance. Pray that the Engineers will be able to meet this challenge effectively.

HCJB World Radio (HCJB)


Pray for Vasiliy Bikman, Executive Director of Christian Media Associates, our partner ministry in Kiev, Ukraine, as he carries major responsibilities for the work of HCJB-Euro-Asia while the Kealys are in the U.S.A. for two months. Pray for David and Sharon as they visit family, churches and donors during their home ministry assignment.


Praise God that the Gospel of Luke has been translated into Bashkir and is being distributed for the first time. Pray that the Lord will use radio programs in this WB2000 language to reach many with the gospel. Praise God for the recently upgraded recording studio.


Praise for final authorization from the Ministry of Communication to go on the air in Magadan. Pray for spiritual victory in this area so involved in Spiritual warfare and that God will mightily use radio to spread the gospel and encourage believers.


Praise God for the successful launch of radio program "Beyond the Call" today to over 100 cities across the nation along with programs going out over HCJB in Quito. Pray for the growing staff as they answer phone and mail responses to the programs. Pray also for Jack Harrison as he leads this team and for HCJB President, Ron Cline, as he continues to produce the programs.


Oct. 11 is the HCJB World Radio day of prayer. As we join our hearts with people around the world to pray for the ministries and people of HCJB, give God praise for those He has called to this worldwide ministry and ask for encouragement and joy in service. Pray also for partner ministries and for the ongoing development of networking to get the gospel to all the world.


Pray for the Zambia project to establish a broadcasting facility in this country. Ask God to move the key government people to approve the license or make clear His direction elsewhere.


Pray for the French speaking people of N. Africa who are listening to HCJB broadcasts. Reports have come that many are coming to Christ. These "secret" Christians are seeking to find fellowship in "secret" house churches. Pray for God's protection and that He will bring Christians together for mutual encouragement and edification. Pray for Daniel and Francoise Dossman as they prepare programs and follow up.


Praise God for the expanded broadcast schedule of Arabic programming which began on October 1, 1996 with 1 1/2 hours daily broadcast (up from 1/2 hour weekly). Pray for our programmers and for effective ministry to targeted areas .


Praise God for news that in spite of much turmoil our station in a critical Middle East country continues to broadcast the gospel in three languages. Pray for God's continued protection and blessing.


Pray for protection of the few hundred believers in this country as opposition to spiritual freedom and Christian work is growing. Authorities are threatening to ban Christian broadcasts.


Praise God that a new 120-meter tower is up and working. Local Christian stations now reach 89% of the country.


Praise the Lord for providing two qualified Wolof-speaking script- writers and producers and for new contacts made in Senegal. Pray as local Christians aim to increase one weekly program to six weekly programs, and pray for funding.


Pray for Bob and Verna Smith in the U.S.A. as they raise support and prepare to relocate to Spain for radio ministry to Muslims in northern Africa. Their work will be essential in making gospel broadcasts available to several unreached people groups in the 10/40 window.


Uphold the WB2000 steering and executive committees meeting in California, Oct. 11-12. Praise God that gospel broadcasts in nearly 100 languages have been put on the air since 1985. Pray as researchers assess unreached languages, seek speakers and develop radio ministries.

SIM (Society of International Ministries)


Radio ELWA has been destroyed for the second time. Damage and looting to the facilities are more extensive than the destruction in 1990. Any rebuilding will be from the ground up.

SIM continues to monitor the Liberian situation as to when and if missionary personnel should re-enter Liberia. Short trips have been taken. Some missionaries continue to work with Liberian refugees in Cote d'Ivoire.

Pray for the Lord's people in this devastated land.

Pray for God's wisdom and guidance for the future radio ministries of SIM.


FM license for Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa
Short-wave license in Benin, West Africa
Short-wave license in Bolivia, South America


Pray for the proposed new radio ministry to bring the Gospel to the Dendi speaking people.

The Dendi people are mainly Muslim and closed to the Gospel. Songs and messages are being recorded in the Dendi languages at the SIM Parakou, Benin, recording studio. Release is projected over local radio stations. Audio cassettes of the programs will be distributed by evangelists and made available in bookstores.

Pray for an opening on a local radio station whose signal will give adequate coverage to several people groups that speak the Dendi language.

EAST AFRICA -- Somali Gospel Radio

Pray that the Holy Spirit will use the radio programs in a renewed way to bring the Gospel to the Somalis, the majority having access to the Word of God only through the radio programs. Pray that the scattered Somali Christians will be strengthened in their faith through the broadcasts.

Pray for the safety of the few Somali Christians. In the last two years, five have been killed in Mogadishu. Muslim extremists have threatened the lives of Somali Christians in Nairobi.

The SIM Somali programs are released daily by FEBA and TWR.


Pray for the new SIM radio initiative called, "God, Our Owner's Word.

The twice daily 5-minute Scripture readings in the Guarani language aim to expose the people of rural Paraguay to the Word of God and to prepare them to hear and receive the Gospel message through the ministry of missionaries and national believers.

Previous experience with Spanish radio programs in Paraguay by SIM missionaries has proved that the recognition afforded through the broadcasts can be a valuable asset in gaining a serious hearing for the Gospel by the rural people.

Trans World Radio (TWR)


Please pray that God will raise up the sponsor needed to expand our Konkani broadcast.

The Konkani producer is Mr. Cajeton Dzouza, a former priest who got saved in 1988. He and his wife, Clementina, have been serving the Lord faithfully. The Lord is using them mightily. The Konkani broadcast is a blessing to the people of GOA.

Also continue to pray for the sponsors for Kui and Gondi language broadcasts.


Chokwe: Pray for the committee responsible for coordinating this in Angola. Pray for wisdom regarding topics and themes. Praise for excellent reception and good report from our Acting Director who has just returned re good progress.

Fulfulde: Praise the Lord for the strong signal and good signal reports from monitors accross West Africa from Cameroon to Senegal. Pray that the programmes can be extended into an additional two dialects of the Fulani people.

Kimbundu: HCJB/TWR - Pray for the committee working on these programmes.

Kirundi: Praise for excellent reception and awareness of these programmes. Mail response is way up since moveing from the National Station to TWR-Johanesburg. Pray for major programme suppply problem - the programmes casnnot be sent because the borders of Burundi are closed and most surrounding countries have imposed sanctions.

Lomwe: Praise for 240 churches planted by the programme. Pray for the additional 15 minute programme that has recently been added.

Makhuwa: Continue to pray for the producer and for creativity.

Nupe and Twi. We praise the Lord for reprts of excellent reception. Some Nupe listeners travelled a long way to visit the producer to give thanks for the programme and to obtain council. Most people are illiterate.

Sotho is covered by national stations.

TWR-Asia Pacific


  1. Our Balinese producer has completed production of 52 programs, to be aired Mondays and Tuesdays September 1996 to August 1997. Pray that God will continue to draw listeners to these programs.
  2. Pray for God's leading as Mr. Agung Jelantik and Mr. Wayan Degeng work on a drama ("mamaca") format for future programs; one well suited for the Balinese culture (native pronounciation and dialect