World by 2000 Prayer and Praise Items
for the First Quarter, 1997

The following are the World by 2000 praise and prayer items for the first quarter of 1997.

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Thank you for your participation through prayer in World by 2000.



SIRAIKI: A new drama series in Siraiki, "Message of Love", went on air in September '96. It aims to apply Biblical truths to different social problems. Pray God will use this series to speak to listeners.

Praise the Lord for a few encouraging letters in response to Siraiki programmes. Pray that more listeners will make contact.

BALUCHI: Baluchi goes on air two days a week. Praise the Lord for a good number of positive letters received from Baluchi listeners. Pray many may come to know Jesus not only as a great prophet but as their personal saviour.

A third Baluchi programme is in the production stage; pray for airtime funding.

HINDKO: Praise the Lord for a new programme in Hindko, which went on air in September 96. It is a Bible reading programme to enable listeners to hear the Word of God in their own language. Pray for the resources to air it 7 days a week.

Letter response from Hindko listeners is low because of illiteracy. Those who write indicate much interest in biblical stories. Pray the Lord will reveal himself to those listeners. Pray too for those who cannot correspond, that the Lord will give them understanding of what they hear.

BRAHUI: Work is in process to produce programmes in Brahui, spoekn by 2-3m people in Baluchistan. Pray for the funds necessary to put these programmes on air.


HAZARAGI: Daily 15-minute broadcasts for the Hazaras of Central Afghanistan started in October 1996. By mid-December a couple of letters had been received in response. Reception, while good in places, has been poor elsewhere. In March, programmes are moving to a different metreband and slightly different time. Pray for a good reception and steady building of the audience.

WESTERN BALUCHI: This language is spoken in South Eastern Iran. In December 1996 training in radio production was given to a few believers who speak the language. Please pray for local project leadership, recording facilities, a suitable broadcast outlet, and funding. Pray for the Lord?s direction as this project moves forward.


DINKA and NUER: Praise the Lord that both these languages, spoken in Southern Sudan, went on air in November '96. Pray for continuous inspiration for the producers: John (Dinka) and Michael (Nuer); pray for the steady building of an audience.

SENA AND MAKONDE: Sena and Makonde, spoken in Mozambique, went on air in December '96. Pray for the producers, all newly-trained in radio production. They are: Luis and Jacinto (Sena); Luis, Samuel and Gloriano (Makonde). Pray for Co-ordinator Isaias Uaene. Working from their own localities, the teams have to overcome many logistical and communication difficulties in producing the programmes.


Praise the Lord for the six WB2000 languages which have joined the schedule since September '96. Please pray for Regina Duval as she leads the Operations team, and for Wilfred Mathiot as he works with the operators, helping them to adjust to the many schedule changes.

FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company)

  1. Preparation for KHOMERING broadcasts continue. A potential broadcaster has been identified and initial training efforts are underway. Broadcasts are tentatively scheduled to begin by September.
  2. MAKASSARESE broadcasts receive a modest but steady flow of high quality responses. Many listeners ask probing spiritual questions regarding salvation, Bible study, the person of Jesus Christ, and how to live lives of faith in communities where standing for Christ can mean persecution.
  3. Broadcasts in GORONTALO are generally received well from FEBC transmitters in the Philippines. Missionaries in the area report much serious spiritual interest. Because missionaries are in the Gorontalo area there are many opportunities to follow up listeners.
  4. FEBC Indonesia accepted the World By 2000 challenge in 1986. Since then the "Indonesia By 2000" project has placed eleven World By 2000 languages on the air.
  5. Philippines By 2000 is the response of FEBC Philippines to the World By 2000 effort. Development of more than 30 language broadcasts in the Philippines continues.
  6. World By 2000 partner ministries such as Words of Hope support production and broadcast efforts in languages of southern China such as Zhuang. No responses have been received after more than two years of broadcasting to the Zhuang. Yet the spiritual interest of which programmers are confident was confirmed recently on a visit by Words of Hope VP Lee De Young.
  7. In December FEBC Korea celebrated 40 years of broadcasting the gospel to the Korean peninsula, Russia, China, and Japan. Praise God with us for this immeasurably important broadcast voice. The government of Korea is under constant pressure to revoke broadcasting licenses for Christian broadcasters.

    HCJB (HCJB World Radio)

    RUSSIA: Pray for David and Sharon Kealy's meeting Feb. 1st in Moscow with Radio Station Center, and their meeting Feb. 3 in St. Petersburg at the Christian radio station TEOS. Pray for response to gospel programs to potential audience of millions.

    ELKHART: Praise God for a partnership agreement with a new Christian radio station going on the air in Jamiaca in early February. Pray for HCJB's engineers as they work on a transmitter, antenna, etc. needed for this station.

    SWEDEN: Pray for Mike and Janet Beardsley as they serve the mission from their base in Sweden, coordinating training in Euro-Asia, working with Kealys in Kiev. Praise God for answered prayer for their support.

    GIBRALTAR: Praise God for the encouraging meetings Bob Smith had recently in Gibraltar concerning broadcasting from that location to Muslim areas. Pray that many details will be worked out to make this possible, and for the financial support needed for the Bob Smith family to move to Gibraltar.

    NEW ZEALAND: Pray for the Auckland team of HCJB as they develop a one- year radio training course for Christian international students in New Zealand.

    ELKHART: Praise God that the transmitter the engineers sent to Moldova is working well. Pray for a solution to a technical problem at the station in Magadan, and for certification of FM transmitters needed in Poland.

    CYPRUS: Pray for the Kealys Feb. 23 as they meet with partners from five countries of Central Asia in consultations, and meetings with the Central Asia Media Network this week.

    UKRAINE: Pray for the staff of Christian Media Associates in Kiev as they continue editing the dramatized New Testament in the Russian language in the cooperative project with Faith Comes By Hearing.

    SOVIET GEORGIA: Intercede for our partners in Soviet Georgia where unemployment is over 70%, making life difficult. Pray for the evangelical churches who struggle during these days of economic transittion from a central economy to a market economy.

    HCJB DAY OF PRAYER is Jan. 10: Focus prayer on Muslims as they celebrate Ramadan from Jan. 10-Feb.8. Pray that many would tune in to a series of Arabic radio programs that compares and contrasts the "five pillars of Islam" with the truths of Christianity.

    ROMANIA: Praise God that Radio Voice of the Gospel in Suceava has verbal permission to resume broadcasting. Praise Him for opportunities to record Romanian programs in our Australian studios.

    MIDDLE EAST: Praise God for increased Arabic programming on HCJB, and for a second shortwave frequency to better meet the listening habits of North Africans.

    SIM (Society for International Ministries)


    SIM missionaries have made several assessment trips into the capital city of Monrovia. With SIM's encouragement former ELWA employees are occupying houses at the destroyed radio station and hospital sites. Their presence should deter further looting and vandalism. Pray for God's wisdom and guidance for the future radio ministries of SIM and the timing for the return of missionary staff.

    The radio facility was destroyed for the second time last April and May.


    FM license for Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa
    Short-wave license in Benin, West Africa
    Short-wave license in Bolivia, South America


    Pastor Adam times his visits to the Fulani cattle camps when the Fulani programs are on the radio. He listens to the programs with the Fulanis and then leads the discussion on what they have all heard. As soon as the Fulanis in these five camps are used to listening to the broadcasts, Pastor Adam will move to another area with the same message.

    Praise the Lord for the way He is using the Fulani broadcasts from Radio Parakou to open doors for evangelism in the Fulani camps.

    EAST AFRICA -- Somali Gospel Radio

    The "hate mail" received in response to the Somali Gospel radio programs appears to be growing. The number of letters is small, but it is increasing. We are well aware of the extremists among the Somali people of East Africa.

    Recently several Somali Christians have left the radio production staff for other endeavors. Pray that the Lord will send Somali Christian to join the radio ministry. Our prayer is that the new staff will have a real burden to bring the Gospel to their compatriots.

    Pray that the Holy Spirit will use the radio programs in a renewed way to bring the Gospel to the Somalis, the majority having access to the Word of God only through the radio programs. Pray that the scattered Somali Christians will be strengthened in their faith through the broadcasts.


    The listener letter response to the new SIM Guragena "Way of Reconciliation" radio program is limited, but the letters indicate that many are listening in the villages. Pray that the Lord will use these programs to turn many hearts to Him for salvation.

    TWR (Trans World Radio)


    Praise the Lord for a Konkani medium wave broadcast to this people group of about three million. Another is needed, so please pray for a sponsor.

    Please continue to pray for sponsors for the Kui, Gondi and Maithili languages as well as all the WB2000 program producers. South Asia has approximately 25 WB2000 languages on the air now.


    Madurese (Indonesia) Three million Madurese speaking people live on the island of Madura, Indonesia, with another nine million speakers living across East Java, another island of the country. Program producers, Pranyoto, Kefas and Syane work part-time to produce our Friday, Saturday and Sunday Madurese programs of 15 minutes each. We hope that two more programs can be added later this year for a total of five 15 minute programs weekly. The one planned for Wednesdays would be in a drama format, a particularly effective communication medium for the Madurese. The other new program is planned for Thursdays. Pray that in 1997, we will find sponsorship and a scheduling slot for the additional programs.

    Balinese (Indonesia) Our two current Balinese programs, aired Mondays and Tuesdays, are being changed into a drama format ("mamaca"). During the first week of February, pray for program producer Mr. Agung Jelantik. He and his team of 15 will come from Bali to Batu to record 26 of these programs.

    Due to successful contacts with local radio stations some Balinese programs that have aired from Guam are also being aired over a local station in Singaraja, Bali. So far over 40 letters have been received from listeners to these programs. Follow up on these letters resulted in cassette requests of the programs that were heard.

    Torajanese (Indonesia) Yohannis Tammu continues as script writer and announcer for these Wednesday and Thursday programs. He plans to make a research visit to Torajaland on the island of Sulawesi. Yohannis will be taking a six month course that will enable him to become a staff member of The Indonesia Missionary Fellowship. Following this course Yohannis hopes it will be possible to add at least one more Torajanese program. Pray for Yohannis to know God's vision for this ministry.


    Praise the Lord for the addition of Radio AR International in Yerevan, Armenia, our 11th broadcast outlet. The one million watt AM transmitter that will target Turkey, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kygyzstan, Tajikistan, Turmenistan, and Uzbekistan. WB2000 languages impacted will be Uzbek, Tajiki, and Kurdish. Pray that current listeners will continue to listen, and that many new listeners will find the programs.

    Tamazight (North Africa) Pray for development of the Tamazight ministry, as there seems to be an openness among the Tamazight people. Pray for David Field (Holland) as he seeks a sponsor in Europe. Since many Tamazights are illiterate, response to the program is scarce. Pray that this will not hinder finding a sponsor. Pray for a consistent supply of programs. Pray that more Tamazights will find the programs and give their lives to the Lord.

    Berber (North Africa) There are plans for a week-long fundraising tour in Europe. Pray for the Lord's guidance in the Berber ministry development. Praise that a cycle of Thru the Bible programs in Kabyle, a Berber language, was completed in December, 1996, and a new cycle has begun.

    Praise that the Berber program producers are very encouraged in light of the 26 letters received in one week from North Africa. The average per month is 50 letters. Many questions were asked indicating that people are listening to and following the programs. There have been several requests for a correspondence course, but as yet this is not available.

    Algeria Pray for the protection of Christians in Algeria; for spiritual growth of the new converts, and the need of faithful Christian leaders in Algeria.

    Pray for our radio programs that are being broadcast by two radio stations in the south west of France to reach North African immigrants in that area. Pray for program producers Paul and Abdenour and their families.

    Praise that we hope to soon add the third Romani broadcast to our schedule. Praise that TTB is ready to begin a Romani broadcast as soon as a producer is found. Pray for leaders meeting in Vienna in early 1997 to develop the plans for a fall start date.