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Gospel Recordings Update

This update from Gospel Recordings USA (GR), including info from our worldwide family and partners in the Global Recordings Network (GRN), supplements our printed mailings with more detail and later information.



Some of the items listed under the dates below are NEW or EXPANDED from the _printed_ prayer guide you may have received. A double star (**) marks these changes or additions.

PRAYER GUIDE FOR 1 to 18 September 1997

01 MON Pray for the Sierra Leone team which is now taking refuge in Guinea. Pray for an effective ministry recording the Gospel in new languages and sharing the cassettes with unreached groups in Guinea. May the wrath of man indeed praise God.

02 TUES A Spanish-speaking recordist training course is being planned for Mexico early next year. Pray for the translation of course materials into Spanish, for the preparation of trainers and for those from South and Central America who will make good recordists.

03 WED Pray that God will show us His strategy as we desire an increasing role in helping evangelize the Muslim world. Pray that the Lord Jesus will use the tapes to draw many people to Himself.

04 THUR The USA Board meets today. Pray for this fine group of men and women, that they will give wise oversight to the work and that their decisions will be in agreement with the purposes of God.
** 4 September is Anna Perkins' birthday. She is a faithful GR USA veteran worker, still coming in to type for us at least once a week.

05 FRI We sense the need of a new influx of workers in the USA to assist in the office and on the field. Pray with us for quality people that love God and have gifts and skills that will benefit the work.

06/07 WEEKEND Praise God for those who use the recordings! "Because of the ethnicity in these areas, we need the assistance of Gospel Recordings to provide us with messages on cassettes." Praise God with us for the joy of helping others.

08 MON GR Philippines is setting its sights on recording several more languages. Pray for effective language helpers to cooperate in the recording process and that good recordings will be made pointing many to Christ.

** 09 TUES A Field Recordist Training School is scheduled in Nepal in late September. Since this course was to be taught in Korean to accommodate a number of enthusiastic trainees of Korea, the time to translate and prepare may cause a delay or rescheduling. Pray for God's wisdom in the decisions to be made.
** GR USA director Colin Stott's birthday is 9 September. This birthday is shared by Winnie Githaiga of LRI Kenya.

10 WED Pray for Mickey, Grace, Chen, Reuben, Samson and Morris who took recordist training last spring. Pray that as they put their training into practice, God will use them to record the Gospel for giving to waiting, unreached peoples.

11 THUR Pray that many Christians would get behind the Tailender Project - reaching the least, the last and the lost. Our project goal is 1000 more languages for Christ!

12 FRI A top priority for us is always seeking the mind of the Lord. The more His will is sought, the more surely He will do His work through us. We want to fulfill His agenda - not our own. Pray we may take the time to seek Him.
** 12 September is the birthday of Tamba Momoh of GR Sierra Leone. Please continue to pray for all the staff there, especially those who had to flee to Guinea because of the warfare in their homeland.

13/14 WEEKEND Praise God for those who use the recordings! "Here in Ethiopia, God did a lot through the tapes. Many have come to the kingdom of God...I have nothing to say but thank God about you and ask Him to more bless your work."
** Jan Lange's birthday is 13 September.

15 MON Pray for the GR Singapore team (David and Veronica Lim, Rita Tan) as they are beset with many health problems. They have a growing burden for Vietnam - pray for souls in this land! (Please see SINGAPORE below.)

16 TUES Pray for good progress to be made over this next year assisting the JESUS Film Project in the recording of the audio version of the film in 230 of the smaller languages.

17 WED Pray for recordists Jonathan and Clair Rulison to have a good furlough. They are now in Los Angeles after several years in the CIS and Nepal. They have a baby due in October.

18 THUR Pray especially for recordists to be raised up for the Amazon tribes of Brazil. The Gospel still needs to be shared for the first time with many of these people.
** GR Sierra Leone's Sirajin Kamara celebrates his birthday on 18 September.


HAND-WIND PLAYERS: The first prototype copies of the new JOYTALK player have been produced! Stuart Mill (LRI Australia) reportedly found a few minor problems, but we are thankful to have this early notice of God's blessing the project.

SINGAPORE: Rita Tan is on a medical leave of about one month. Please pray for our faithful worker and friend.

Also, GR Singapore's leader David Lim, is spending 2 to 7 September in two countries which are to the Gospel. Only the Lord can keep him free from danger.

CANADA: As wife of the LRI Canada director, Sandra Grant finds herself with many responsibilities. She is busy with redecorating their home often providing hospitality to LRI guests, travel with Roy and keeping display items updated, often helping with office chores and also maintaining her special ministry of teaching children of Jesus and missions.

SOUTH AMERICA: How can I adequately describe the presentation John Steinmetz gave to GR USA's "Praise and Prayer Day" about his family's 6-month stay in Peru and Brazil. (Too bad all of you weren't there, but if you all were I may not have found a seat.)

John told us of the great reception audio evangelism got from so many he and Rosa contacted. (Rosa's family includes both evangelical and secular leaders who are influential and helped to open many doors.) John also gave us word sketches of the four men who expressed serious interest in being trained to record and serve with this ministry.

Our joy was exceeding by the time John shared all his tidings, not the least of which was that he and Rosa feel a strong call to continue to serve with GR. We are not sure just WHERE their field of service will be, since he has opportunities to pursue further education either in Latin America or the Middle East. He does plan to take the recordist training next January in Mexico.

MEXICO: John Black spent a few days in the U.S. and is now back with his family, where a 6th baby is expected near year's end. The electrical and telephone systems have problems in their area. John hoped to carry a transformer back with him. John also has much of the responsibility for teaching in the recordist training starting in January, and would appreciate everyone's prayer and understanding as there are huge preparations to make.

This week, Gustavo Discua and Gerry Gutierrez are leading a seminar about cassette evangelism for Mexican pastors and leaders. They pray that their vision for reaching out at the market places will spread to large centers in many parts of the country, particularly those with large populations.

GR/JESUS Film Project: A conference for planning the training of GR-enlisted recording teams (some 20 men and women so far) will be held here in Los Angeles on 15 and 16 September. Those to attend: from JFP - Ron Green, Tom Meiner, Willie Erasmus, Chris Hayes; from Scriptures in Use - Jim Bowman; from GR USA - Ross Lange, Dan Rulison

KENYA: Praise God that LRI leader Doug is coming along well after multiple hospital visits for blot clots. He's spending most time in bed, but still keeping up with correspondence and Blue Jays baseball.

USA: We have had a pair of beautiful weddings in the GR family. First came the marriage of veteran GR worker Vonna Biddle to her long-time friend Nathan Barlow, a missionary physician with many years of service in Africa. They plan to spend much their sunset years at an SIM residential center near San Diego CA.

Rebecca King, daughter of GR's Roland and Irene, is now Mrs. John Hayward. Rebecca met Dr. Hayward when she went on a short-term trip to Tajikistan, where his teaching is a vocation. The wedding took place at a romantic and picturesque park overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Kings and the new Haywards have now gone for a few week's celebration in the UK, John's homeland.

LIBERIA: Stanley is currently on a trip where he expects to record in some languages not previously having Gospel messages.

UK: Jim McKechnie and his wife Irene are moving from Ireland down to the area of the LRI office in High Wycombe. All of the UK operations will be consolidated there and Jim will be the assistant director.

In August, LRI UK started a large outreach to the Muslims of East London. Leader Ed Young invited his son Philip, now on the GR USA staff, to help spearhead this campaign. We know that you will pray for the necessary follow-up activities which must take place.

(Another praise report: Ed and LRI UK finally have email capability. Hi, Ed!)

NIGERIA: Leader Kish Hai Bai recently wrote: "I just returned from an "emergency" recording trip in Bomo State. Yusufu and Emmanuel were about to leave for the ARABIC:SHUWA and KOTOKO distribution trip in Bomo. Our contact man in that area insisted that I join them to record an unreached tribe called KOTOKO:MAKARI/AFADE. This one is totally different from the other KOTOKO. According to our contact, the language helpers (native speakers he found to be the voices on the tape) were ready - and if I failed to go now, it would be very hard to get cooperation in the future. ...

"Since I started, I have not had such a tedious recording task as this! Their HAUSA (the go-between, trade language) is very different from ours, so I had to find someone who knew both to interpret. Besides, the guys were very slow in grasping, so it took me two days to record 28 minutes of good message. I had to pay them and also feed them. Their lives will be endangered if the voices are not disguised. ... "

As far as we can tell, there are NO Christian believers in ANY of the tribes mentioned in the letter from Kish. Oh, that more of us saw a trip like that as an EMERGENCY! Surely, we would also drop whatever we were doing to give them the chance to hear about Jesus. I don't have room for all of it, so I'm putting more details about this trip on the web at - http://users.aol.com/glorenet/ngkotoko.htm Please pray for Kish, who has many responsibilities. At this time he is in Nigeria's Cross River State making contacts for a recording trip in October, when the rains let up.

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In addition to the story from Nigeria (see just above), we have fixed up and updated a few other areas:


FINALLY, if you -- or someone you know - will be in southern California on Saturday, the 1st of November, you might be interested in a "Get Acquainted Time" we are having at the GR USA facility. We hope a lot of friends will drop by (between 1:30 and 5:00 PM) and meet or re-meet some GR people and learn a little more about what God is doing here.

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