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A Church for Every People and
the Gospel for Every Person
by AD 2000

Luis Bush
Biographical Information Sheet

"As Christians approach the end of this century, many groups within the worldwide body of Christ see the year 2000 as a symbolic milestone for humankind," says Luis Bush, International Director for the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. The AD2000 & Beyond Movement seeks to encourage cooperation in establishing a church within every unreached people group and making the gospel available to every person by the year 2000. Ralph Winter, founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission, calls the AD2000 & Beyond Movement "the largest, most pervasive global evangelical network ever to exist." Peter Wagner says: "The AD 2000 & Beyond Movement has become the central catalytic movement of the decade for synchronizing the numerous worldwide forces for evangelism that God has been preparing for these times." Patrick Johnstone, author of the book Operation World, writes, "I believe that God has given us the best opportunity in all history to gain a wide level of support among Christians committed to world evangelization in the AD2000 vision."

Born in Argentina and raised in Brazil, Bush studied theology in Texas after three years in business accounting and systems work. Upon graduation from seminary, he and his wife Doris moved to El Salvador, where he pastored Iglesia Nazaret, a mushrooming mission-focused church in San Salvador. In the seven years in which he served as pastor, the church grew to almost 1300, and the congregation planted seven daughter churches and supported over 35 missionaries.

From 1986 to March 1992, Bush served as Chief Executive Officer of Partners International (PI), which is associated with almost 70 indigenous ministries in 50 countries. During his tenure, he served as Congress Director for COMIBAM/Nov. 87, an Ibero-American consultation for 3,000 leaders from throughout Latin America, which focused on moving from a mission field to a mission force. Also, the associated partner ministries of PI established over 2,800 new churches, 80% of which were in the 10/40 Window. Bush pinpointed the need for a major focus of evangelism in the "10/40 Window," a phrase he coined in his presentation at the Lausanne II Conference in Manila, in July 1989. This concept led to Praying Through the Window I in October 1993 with an approximate 21 million participants and Praying Through the Window II in October 1995 involving some 35 million intercessors, Praying Through the Window III in October 1997 and Praying Through the Window IV in October 1999.

Presently Bush is involved in encouraging the implementation of countrywide initiatives focused on the unfinished task and implementing a strategy to establish a church planting movement among each of the world's least reached peoples called "Joshua Project 2000." This plan emerged out of the Global Consultation on World Evangelization (GCOWE '95) held in May 1995 in Seoul, Korea which drew 4,000 participants in the AD2000 & Beyond Movement from 186 countries. Bush served as senior consultant to GCOWE '97 which was held in Pretoria, South Africa from June 30 to July 5, 1997, and which drew 4,000 participants in the AD2000 & Beyond Movement from 130 countries. As we count down to the end of the Millennium, the AD2000 & Beyond Movement is entering a new and exciting phase - Celebrate Messiah 2000. The vision of the last next two years, is for all of the AD2000 resource networks (tracks), task forces, national initiatives, Joshua Project 2000 initiatives, and prayer initiatives to converge into one all-encompassing process called "Celebrate Messiah 2000" to be held in the Holy Land in December 2000.

Luis Bush and his wife Doris have four children and live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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