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A Church for Every People and
the Gospel for Every Person
by AD 2000

Frank Fortunato
Biographical Information Sheet

Frank Fortunato began ministry with Operation Mobilization in 1972, and currently is the International Music Director for OM. He is based with his wife and two teenage children at the OM USA headquarters in the Atlanta, GA area.

For 15 years the Fortunatos served on board the two OM ocean liner mission ships the Logos and Doulos.

As music director Frank oversees worship at OM's international events, recruits music groups to minister with OM teams abroad, and oversees publishing and recording projects for the mission. As a worship musician he leads worship at churches, conferences, and other missions-related events.

Frank also coordinates the AD2000 Movement Worship and Arts Resource Network and has helped oversee music and worship at GCOWE '95 and other AD2000 events.


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