Praying With Power - Day 2

Thursday, February 13, 1997

To start the morning, R., a neurologist called from London back to his home country for ministry, spoke of two hindrances to prayer journeyers. Other speakers mentioned them again and again throughout the day: 1. inadequately prepared and 2. ill-equipped. He said that ill-equipped meant that they needed to deal with personal issues of integrity before they can succeed in prayer. The condition of inadequate preparation is what the conference is designed to remedy.

Today was the first day where the conference broke into the individual seminars. As I visited (in some cases, attempted to visit) each one, I was overwhelmed by the quality of the presentations and presenters. Track participants were not only given information, they were given what some would call "impartation," the sharing of the passion of the speakers, who had actually "lived" the principles they taught.

Nearly every session was filled to bursting. Some did burst into the halls with chairs crowded around doorways, and people leaning forward trying to hear. Volunteers were forbidden to take seats in favor of those who had paid for registration.

Outside the door of "How To Communicate Across Cultural Barriers" I learned from Sarah Lanier, YWAM missionary trainer, the fascinating differences between hot and cold culture people, and the problems it causes in missions. "Hot climate" cultures include most of Africa, the southern US, South America, East Asia, Middle East, Mediterranean, and Sephardic Jews (the peace talks would go a lot better if these hot-culture Jews represented Israel.) They emphasize spontaneous hospitality, inclusion, and indirect communication. Relationship is such a high value, it often overshadows truth. Cold climate cultures include northern Europe, Northern US, Australia (not aborigine), Ashkenazi Jews in Israel. Important values are individualism, privacy, direct communication.

A simple example is the question "Do you want some coffee?" In a cold climate country, the answer is direct: "Yes, please." In a hot climate country, you are expected to resist until the courtesy is urged several times, so you will know if it is really meant or not. Of a more serious nature is the hot climate inability to say "no" when a favor is asked directly, even if it would mean great hardship. It also means that the warm inclusion of everyone, at all times, eliminates the "cold" feature of "alone time, married couple time, family time" as features of normal family life. But it also eliminates suicidal loneliness, an evil of "cold" cultures. The ideal for a world Christian is to be "all things to all men."

It is not our place to try to change a culture, even if wrong. Preach the gospel. It will change the culture. Jesus never condemned slavery, but the gospel eradicated it.

In "Involving the Next Generation," Wynne Stearns of King's Kids, the fastest growing part of Youth with a Mission, was teaching on mobilizing children into missions. King's Kids, among other things, takes children on prayer journeys. One journey she described was 53 Christian Middle Eastern kids who visited the Yemeni and Iraqi Muslims in Detroit. In Yemen, Iraq, or their own countries, they would not be permitted to share about Christ, but here they were free to converse, in Arabic. Many kids had been abused by Muslims in their own countries, or seen loved ones killed, and it was an act of healing to show love to Muslims in Jesus name. The only way to win Muslims, is to love them and love them some more before you ever share the gospel.

There are thousands of Muslims throughout England. In fact, the Muslim religious leaders have targeted England to become the first Western Muslim nation.

What God is saying to the church must be translated appropriately for the half of the Church that are children. Always keep an ear open and get the message passed on.

Why is it that the enemy has declared war on children, starting in the 70's? Abortion, abuse, murder is now a holocaust. Why? Why were children murdered in Scripture? In both cases, Moses and Jesus, the enemy was trying to prevent the survival of a special child. What child or children is the enemy after in such widespread ways? Who is he afraid of? Jesus! So he is targeting the generation who can get the job done of reaching every tongue and tribe with the gospel so Jesus can come back! But just as God preserved Moses, Jesus, and the disciples from the local holocausts, he will win. This generation will be the finest church planters, frontier missionaries, computer support, medical workers, the world has ever seen. If we light their lights, his time is finished.

We are closer to the completion of the Great Commission than ever before, but if we lose the next generation, the goal will slip away. We need this generation. Why do only humanists and communists know the value of training the next generation? We cannot get so focused on where God is leading us that we forget to look over our shoulder and encourage them.

What would a prayer conference be without prayer requests?

Here are some news briefs: quotes, facts, stories, and humor from today's sessions.

A third of the women at a Central Asian women's conference last year had come to the Lord through dreams or visions. One whole village had the same dream of someone coming with a big book, telling truth, the night before a converted villager returned home to preach to them-with a Big Book tucked under his arm. All were baptized the same day. - Iqbal Massey, Pakistan

Asia now has the fastest-growing Church at 4.6%. Africa 3.6%. Latin America 2%. US is only one half of 1% and Europe one fourth of 1%. There are more evangelicals in Asia than all of the Western world, including Australia. - Joe Ozawa, Singapore

March 7-15 will be a prayer emphasis in Kobe to break the power of the sun goddess, Amaterasu, who holds Japan in bondage. Kobe means "Gateway to the gods." The goal is that from the rising sun (Japan) to the setting sun (West Africa) the name of the Lord will be praised.

"When we pray, we make room for God. After that, anything can happen." - Lai-Kheng Pousson, Singapore

Pray for Shel Sjoberg who has been attacked with cancer.

"We dare not trivialize God's desires." - Lai-Kheng Pousson, Singapore

Of current missionaries, 80% were called before age 16, a majority before 10. - Wynne Stearns, England

There are 10 million Muslims in America. Two million Americans become Muslim each year. - Iqbal Massey, Pakistan

The Philippines has recently been removed from the UN's list of "Third World nations" and the INF has asked it to become a lending nation.

There are 52 very different nations in Africa. Nigeria has a population of 100 million, the largest concentration of blacks in the world. [Editor's note: The Ethnologue lists 470 living languages in Nigeria.] One of every five Africans, one of every six blacks in the world is a Nigerian. One church is so large, the wall-less sanctuary is 1 kilometer long and a half kilometer wide. It seats 310,000. A church camp last week had 500,000 in attendance, listening to God's word all night - Emeka Nwankpa, Nigeria

"When a child becomes a Christian, he doesn't receive a Jr. Holy Spirit." - Jill Harris, USA

"Obeying the Lord in prayer makes the enemy mad. We're gonna make him madder!" - Lai-Kheng Pousson, Singapore.

Pray for Malaysia, where a new law, if signed in, will make it illegal to not be Muslim. Mahathir Mohammed is the only one who can save the Christians there.

Joe Ozawa, Japanese American living in Singapore, shared with sadness, his dilemma when trying to place an HIV patient in a Christian hospital. None would help. Only a Muslim halfway house would take him. "If we can't love our fellow man, how can we love Allah?," the administrator said.

"It takes a very small mind to only spell a word one way." - Sarah Lanier,USA

"Most people of the world are animist at heart. The great religions are a mere overlay." - John Robb

--"Live" from Praying with Power conference, Colorado Springs.

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