Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 9

Hindi-Speaking Hindus Homeland: India
Religion: Hinduism

In India, home to nearly a billion people, 800 million people speak the Hindi language. The majority of them also follow the Hindu religion and are born into a caste structure which will dictate much of their life. While there has been significant outreach to Hindus for more than a century, the gospel has penetrated mainly the lowest castes or classes. Indian Christians and missionaries are seeking God for breakthroughs in the rest of the population during this decade. Many are reaching out to the millions of children in India, who are perhaps the most literate, well-educated generation India has ever known. Might God raise up Josiahs, Timothys, and Davids from this young generation of Hindus?

God, protect the lives of Hindu converts who face much opposition from family, friends, and employers when they turn to Christ.

Gujarati Homeland: India, Pakistan
Religion: Hinduism

"Does cousin Deepak live in London?" Pragna asked. "No, it is Dilip who is in London. Deepak is in Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania, Africa." This conversation could take place in almost any family of the Patel caste, part of the approximately 132 million people who speak the Gujarati language. Patels are very business oriented and have found success all over the world. Besides India and Pakistan, Patels are found in Africa, east Asia, Great Britain, and the US. In fact, if you look in your phone book under "Patel" you may find a few living near you.

Lord, seek out your wandering children among the Patels, draw them to yourself and call them to invest in your kingdom where rust does not destroy. Plant a vigorous Gujarati-speaking church everywhere Patels live.

Marathi Homeland: India
Religion: Hinduism

Most of Maharashtra state's people speak the Marati (pronounced ma-RA-ty) language. This wealthy state is highly industrialized and is home to such world-class cities as Bombay (now called Mumbai) and Puna, making Marati-speaking people some of the most influential in India. The Maratha (ma-RA-ta) caste, one of India's farming castes, is one such influential group. Despite the fact that there is less persecution of Christians in this area, the Maratha have not been exposed much to the gospel in terms that make sense in their culture. There are very few known Maratha believers. At the other end of the spectrum of Marathi-speaking groups are the Animist Mang caste. They make brooms and mats or work as agricultural laborers. While they have gospel cassettes, radio programs, and the Jesus film all in their language, there are as few as 1,200 Christians, less than 0.07 percent of the 1.8 million Mang.

King Jesus, call Marathi-speaking people to come to you and forsake everything for you.

Gujjar Homeland: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan
Religion: Islam, Animism, Hinduism

Gujjar life is shaped by the seasons. Traditionally nomadic, the Gujjar spend each winter in the low-lying plains. Once spring comes, they climb higher and higher into the Himalayan mountains as ice on the mountain meadows thaws. The Gujjar travel great distances over these snow-bound mountain ranges to bring their cattle, goats, and sheep from one pasture to another. A colorful, spirited, and hope-filled people, the Gujjar nevertheless find their herds, families, and way of life threatened by rising militancy in their traditional Indian state, Jammu and Kashmir. Because they lack education and experience, Gujjar are often taken advantage of in the marketplace.

Father, move your church in compassion to meet Gujjar parents' growing desire for schooling for their children, and bring them news of your peace and mercy.

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