Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 7

Tibetans Homeland: China, Tibet, Nepal
Religion: Tibetan Buddhism

Many Amdo Tibetans are nomads, following their cattle and yaks through high mountain plateaus. Amdo Tibetans and 13 million others are followers of Tibetan Buddhism, an historic blend of several Asian religions with a strong occult aspect. Its followers believe that if they work hard to earn merit, they will escape from the long cycle of life, death, reincarnation, life, death, reincarnation. Tibetan Buddhism stresses the concept of detachment from life, in many ways the opposite of the Christian virtue of love. The Dalai lama, an Amdo Tibetan, is in exile in India.

Only a handful of the Amdo Tibetans are believers. Lord God, bring Tibetan Christians and other Christians would come to Amdo areas to demonstrate and tell of Jesus' love.

Bhutanese Homeland: Bhutan, Nepal, India
Religion: Buddhism

The Drukpa majority in Bhutan dominate the government and are strongly Buddhist. Few have ever heard the gospel. Most of the believers are isolated and scattered with little opportunity for fellowship, and some have suffered for their faith. The Drukpa include two main groups, the Ngalongs, who speak Dzongkha, and the Sharchops, who speak Sharchagpakha. Parts of the New Testament have been translated into Dzongkha, but are only in draft form. The main translator has died. Bible translation is under way in the Sharchagpakha language.

Father we ask you to establish a vital witnessing fellowship among every ethnic sub-group of the Drukpa. Please bring your word to the hearts of the Bhutanese.

Burmese Homeland: Myanmar
Religion: Buddhism

There are nearly 30 million ethnically Burmese people in the world, and most live in the strife-ridden country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Most believers are ethnically Chinese or among the Karen and Kachin minority peoples who have recently experienced a wonderful awakening to the gospel. Drama is the mainstay of Burman popular street-level culture. Performances can recount Buddhist legends or involve slapstick comedy, dance, ensemble singing, or giant puppets, but always include Burman music with drums, harps, gongs, and bamboo flutes.

Lord, thank you for pouring out your grace on hidden peoples in Myanmar. Remember also the Buddhist Burmese and teach your church how to use Burmese cultural forms to evangelize.

Arakanese Homeland: Myanmar, Bangladesh
Religion: Buddhism, Islam

Peace and prosperity have evaded the Arakanese in Myanmar and Bangladesh. Nearly two million Arakanese people live in the high mountainous forests of western Myanmar and are persecuted by the Burmese majority. About half of the Arakanese are Muslims, many of whom have left Myanmar because of persecution. Bangladesh, the second most densely populated nation on earth, has accepted many of these refugees, but the Bengalis also look down on them, believing their ancestors were pirates.

Jesus, you were persecuted and despised by many, please reveal yourself to the Arakanese as the source of peace and security.

Manipuri Homeland: India
Religion: Hinduism, Islam

Drama, storytelling, and dance are high favorites among the people who live in the Manipuri state of north east India. When the Manipuri Hindus celebrated India Independence Day on August 15, 1994, thousands heard the gospel story for the first time in their own language, Meithei, through the Jesus film. The Bible has been translated into Meithei and there are now more than 10,000 Manipuri Christians. We pray for wide distribution of your word in Meithei.

King Jesus, please provide discipleship for believers and those whose lives have been touched by the Jesus film.

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