Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 31

Jews Homeland: Israel
Religion: Judaism

The 15 million Jews in the world comprise less than one percent of the earth's population, yet are one the world's most influential people groups. Jewish communities are known for strong families, success in business, and emphasis on education and learning. These communities are tied together through national and international organizations. Almost all are spiritually, emotionally, and financially connected to the nation of Israel. Although both the Old and New Testaments speak of the Jews as God's covenant people, few Jews know why. In spite of their role in God's plan to redeem all nations, few Jews know Jesus as Messiah.

Lord, we pray for the veil to be lifted from the eyes of many more Jews, so that they might see Jesus as the Messiah promised by Moses and the other prophets.

Albanians Homeland: Albania, Yugoslavia
Religion: Islam, Atheism

Most Albanians are historically Muslim, and a few are Eastern Orthodox or Catholic. For many years they lived under an atheistic regime. All churches and mosques were closed, their buildings used as warehouses and gymnasiums. Most religious leaders were imprisoned, and Albanians were encouraged to attend secular festivals which the government created. Now that religion is no longer prohibited, religious interest is growing. Most of the remaining clerics, now released from prison, are elderly men.

God, we thank you for Albania's new freedom, and pray that you would raise up strong vibrant Albanian congregations.

Caucasians Homeland: Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia
Religion: Islam

Most Caucasians are cut off from the gospel today. Almost 40 different languages and many more dialects are spoken in the northern Caucasus region, some of them unwritten, and most unrelated to any other living language. Broken terrain and steep hills isolate Caucasian communities and make travel treacherous and untouched by the outside world. In other places large Soviet-built cities dominate the landscape and television and radio bring modern values. The many Caucasian languages and dialects have few Bible translations.

Lord, we pray your word would be translated and touch the hearts of the remote peoples of the Caucasus.

Bosnians Homeland: Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Montenegro
Religion: Islam

Bosnia is a land of beautiful forests while Hercegovina is majestic with mountains of gray limestone. Together they form the fragile country of Bosnia-Hercegovina. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, this region is torn by wars rooted in the ethnicity of the Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox peoples. Though many Bosnians are only nominally religious, they claim the religion of their birth, Islam. Several million are now refugees in neighboring countries.

Prince of Peace, let these war torn peoples find the true and lasting peace that relationship with you can provide.

Siberians Homeland: Russia
Religion: Shamanism

In forests, mountains and icy tundra live the indigenous peoples of Siberia-more than a million people in some 20 different ethnic groups. Most follow a set of practices collectively known as Shamanism. A shaman is a religious leader skilled in direct communication with spirit powers. Many Siberians suffer from depression, emotional problems, and alcoholism because of their fear of the spirit world.

Jesus, let your perfect love meet these Siberian peoples at their greatest need.

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