Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 3

Buginese Homeland: Sulawesi, Indonesia
Religion: Islam

The seafaring Buginese people naturally prosper in a nation of 13,000 islands. For generations, Buginese men have taken their livelihood from the sea as fishermen, traders, and sometimes pirates. Almost all Buginese, also known as the Bugis, adhere to Sunni Islam, a central part of their identity since the 17th century. In addition to Islam, Buginese religion includes offerings to ancestor spirits and a host of other deities. The Buginese place a high value on status and prestige and view themselves as superior to other ethnic groups. A reputation for arrogance and excellent business skills make the Buginese unpopular with their neighbors. Fewer than a thousand of the four million Buginese have become Christians. The Buginese have little respect for outsiders and are unwilling to receive the gospel from neighboring peoples. Yet the Buginese are people precious to God. What will shake their pride and allow them to hear of his love?

Lord, raise up people whom the Buginese respect to take the gospel to them.

Banjar Homeland: Kalimantan, Indonesia
Religion: Islam, Animism

Many of the three million Banjar people live along the rivers of southern Kalimantan, Borneo, earning themselves the nickname, "The Water People." Others live in Sumatra Island and Malaysia. The Banjar were Hindu until the 14th century when their Sultan ordered them to turn to Islam. Strong Muslims today, only a handful of Banjar people know Christ. Although they do not respect local believers, the Banjar respect foreign Christians from developed countries. For the last three years Christian workers have gathered weekly to pray for the Banjar people and recently a Banjar became an evangelist.

Father, use your children from afar to reach out to the Banjarese, and raise up evangelists so all Banjarese would have a chance to know you.

Gorontolo Homeland: Indonesia
Religion: Islam

The 800,000 Gorontolo scattered throughout north Sulawesi have little interest in other cultures. Because they speak no trade language, the Gorontolo cannot find good jobs and retreat further into their own societies. At one time they were strongly oriented toward the sea; a life of trade exposed them to outside ways and ideas, including the acceptance of Islam from 16th century Arab traders. Mission work recently began among the Gorontolo.

Lord, use the radio broadcasts, Bible cassettes, and culturally-sensitive mission efforts so the Gorontolo would seek after the one true God.

Makassarese Homeland: Indonesia
Religion: Islam

Makassarese families live on small rice farms on Sulawesi Island. When the Javanese and Malay merchants preached Islam to the Makassarese 300 years ago, they accepted it because their own religion was based on the principle of tauhid, belief in one God.

Jesus, work among Makassarese students, challenging their hearts with Christ's claims as Son of the one true God.

Muslims of the Philippines Homeland: Philippines
Religion: Islam

The 13 million Muslims of the southern Philippines have a long history of grievances against Christians. Spaniards colonising the Philippines persecuted the Muslims for not accepting Catholicism. When the Philippines came under United States control, large corporations took over vast tracks of Muslim land and used northern, Catholic farmers to work the land. When the Philippines became independent, Muslims still suffered and committed brutal acts of violence against Catholic Filipinos who lived among them. Many Filipino Muslims see Christians as enemies. When will it end?

Spirit, please bring about repentance and reconciliation in this bloody conflict.

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