Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 28

Fulani Homeland: Nigeria, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, . Chad, Cameroon
Religion: Islam

The Fulani, or Fulbe, as they prefer to be called, remain cattle herders, living simply and in complete harmony with their environment. About 200 years ago Islam came. Some Fulani became Muslims voluntarily, and the rest were forced to convert at the point of a sword. Many Fulani are now hearing the gospel for the first time. The villagers do not yet know that this message will bring change greater that will be profound and inescapable. Eventually every Fulani will choose. Many Fulani find the man Jesus attractive, but they are uncertain, concerned for what might lay ahead. Watching the lives of the white people who pray in the name of Jesus, they debate, reflect, talk, and wonder. Would life be better under Christianity than Islam? Are the promises of salvation really true? How can they know?

Lord, we pray that Fulani throughout West Africa would be willing and able to choose the positive change that salvation in Christ would bring, redeeming their culture for God's purposes.

Wolof Homeland: Senegal, Gambia
Religion: Islam, Animism

The Wolof of Senegal number three million, but less than 200 are believers-even after years of Christian witness among them. More than 90 percent are Muslim, but many still believe real power comes from contact with the spirit world, so they wear gre-gris, charms filled with verses from the Koran. The ministry of Christians providing food, medical help, and water development, as well as the publication of a Wolof New Testament in 1987, has brought increased openness and interest in the gospel.

Lord Jesus, thank you for opening the hearts of many Wolof people to your gift of salvation. Break the bonds of Islam and spirit worship and use your people and your word to bring many more Wolof to yourself.

Fon Homeland: Benin
Religion: Animism

The Fon of Benin have good reason to rejoice! The Fon language New Testament is now complete, and the Old Testament is well on the way. The members of the two dozen Fon churches can now study God's word in their own language. Though well educated, the Fon have long been in bondage to Animism and the use of fetishes. The Old Testament will be significant because it teaches animistic peoples like the Fon to avoid idolatry and worship only the one, true God.

Jesus, we pray that you would continue to build your church among the Fon people. Help believers to grow in their understanding of who you are through your word. Free them to fully comprehend your love and grace.

Gur Homeland: Mali, Togo, Burkina Faso, Ghana
Religion: Mainly Animism

The Gur peoples, the Senoufo of West Africa number more than 2.2 million and live in Cote D'Ivoire, Mali, and Burkina Faso. Senoufos are primarily farmers, with much of their mythology associated with the earth. Their animistic rituals honor ancestral and nature spirits. Strong communal values have resisted both Islam and Christianity. Senoufo carved masks and amulets are world famous and can be found in Western museums.

King of glory, open the hearts of the Senoufo to know you as their Savior. Draw entire villages to your throne of grace.

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