Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 24

Riff Berber Homeland: Northern Morocco:
Religion Sunni Islam, Animism, Sufism

Life in the mountains has not changed much. While centuries of foreign invasions took the coastlands, Berbers found refuge in the rugged mountains and deserts where they could speak their own languages, following their own laws and customs undisturbed. Many Riff Berbers are Muslim, but keep practices more ancient than Islam. "Marabouts" or holy men practice healing and cast out evil spirits. Most local problems never make it to government officials, but are solved by tribal elders. Many men travel to the cities or even France to earn money to send home. The lives of Berber men and women seldom overlap. When women want to talk, they usually go to their neighbors, who are mostly relatives.

Thank God for the popularity of the Jesus film, being copied and distributed by Berbers who are proud of the only movie in their own language. Pray for its effectiveness in reaching them.

Tamazight Berber Homeland: Morocco, Algeria
Religion: Islam, Animism

Once nomads, many Tamazight-speaking Berbers still leave their villages in the summer to follow their herds through the Middle Atlas mountains. The three million Tamazight-speaking Berbers call themselves Imazighen, "the free." They are intensely loyal to family and clan, and call each member of their tribe, "cousin." More frequently than other Muslim groups, Berbers offer animal sacrifices to earn blessing for their families, tribes, and herds.

Father, bring the Tamazight Berbers eternal blessing through the blood of your son.

Kabyle Berber Homeland: Algeria
Religion: Islam, Animism

The Kabyle village sits perched on a mountain ridge, stone houses with red tile roofs overlooking endless terraces of farmland spread out below. Yet God is not foreign and can not be held off by the impenetrable mountains. Praise God for several thousands of Kabyle Berbers who have turned to Christ recently. Pray for the Kabyle Christian leaders, some of whose lives are in danger in this largely Muslim country.

Spirit, strengthen and encourage Kabyle Berbers and establish your church among them, that they might reach those who have no church at all.

Shawiya Berber Homeland: Algeria
Religion: Islam, Animism

Tall stone grain silos dot the Shawiya landscape. Along with a mosque and a gathering place for men, the silo forms the heart of a small Shawiya village. The silo represents the tribe's wealth, the gathering place its wisdom, and the mosque its power. Ancestors may be buried in this village centre, their tombs the source of blessing and protection for the whole community. Both men and women seek and practice magic. Some Shawiya literature claims that all women are magicians, learning incantations and potions from their mothers.

Mighty God, demonstrate your power and reveal your mercy for the Shawiya.

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