Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 23

Maghreb Arabs Homeland: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, France
Religion: Islam

The Maghreb Arabs have been Muslim for generations. A portion of the early church, and several of our well-known church fathers like Augustine, lived in North Africa, but today little is left of this church. Protestant missions have only been active in this part of the world over the last hundred years. Small groups of believers meet together in homes across North Africa, but many believers are isolated and have no chance to meet other believers. The laws of these Islamic countries often forbid evangelism and conversion. Church growth is very slow, needing much support from outside, as well as from tentmakers living inside the countries. Some parts of North Africa have never had any Protestant missionaries. In other countries it has only been during the past several years that people have started trusting Christ.

Islam has created a kind of fatalism within the Arab cultures. Creator God, we pray that Arabs would be attracted to you, who are concerned about their lives.

Libyan Arabs Homeland: Libya
Religion: Islam

"The crises facing the Muslim world are home grown, developed through decades of deprivation, with the political structures in these countries failing to provide any democratic outlets that could lead to a semblance of justice." (Muslim News, 22-12-95) Nowhere is this more true than in Libya. Mu'ammar Ghadaffi led a military coup in 1969 and has remained in control ever since. He tolerates no dissent. No open evangelism is possible and that has effectively limited the growth of the church. Few Christians have been able to enter Libya with the intention of sharing the gospel with Arabs, although several radio stations beam evangelical programs there. Libyan Arabs form nearly 80 percent of the country's population. These Arabs have very little or no opportunity to hear of Jesus' love and the hope of eternal life in him.

King of kings, raise up a just and open government in Libya.

Hassaniya Arabs Homeland: Mauritania, Morocco
Religion: Islam

The Hassaniya Arabs, also known as Moors, were born from the union of Arabs and Berber cultures in north west Africa. They built a flourishing empire on the profit of their camel caravans, trading in gold and eventually slaves. The Hassaniya no longer flourish. The Hassaniya have a low life expectancy and high infant mortality rate. Slightly more than half of their school-age children attend primary school. Less than 20 percent of the population is literate. The slave trade continues, unofficially, giving Mauritania the dubious distinction of having the largest number of slaves in the world, between 5 and 10 percent of the population. The Hassaniya Arabs are among the poorest of the poor.

Spirit, be poured out as in Isaiah 32 so the desert peoples of the western Sahara could become like your garden.

Sudan Arabs Homeland: Sudan
Religion: Islam

Converting to Christianity is a crime in the Sudan; a policy enforced brutally. Government harassment leaves believers three options: convert to Islam, flee, or be killed. Christian families have lost thousands of children who have been snatched and sold as slaves to buyers in Sudan, Libya, and other Islamic countries. Thousands of women have been raped and sold as servants or concubines. There are even reports of men being crucified. Sudanese Arabs make up only a third of the country's population; nevertheless, they hold tight control of the government and economy. Even though the government's stability is bolstered by massive aid from Libya and Iran, the price of power has been high. Sudan is a country divided; the economy is devastated. In spite of tremendous natural resources, most of the people are very poor.

God of the martyrs, let the Sudanese Christians provide a powerful and attractive testimony to the Muslim Arabs who seek to destroy them.

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