Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 22

Yemeni Arabs Homeland: Yemen
Religion: Islam

More than 16 million people live in Yemen, and 97 percent of them are Arab. Less than half a million people live in each of Yemen's two major cities, Sana'a and Aden. Yemen remains one of the poorest Arab countries. Frequently during the last three centuries the country has been divided into North and South. After independence from Britain in the 1960's and 1970's, North Yemen became a traditional Islamic state, and South Yemen, while home to primarily Muslim peoples as well, had a Soviet-backed Marxist government. The two were united in 1990, but they are far from unified, and plagued by growing economic troubles and civil war. Today the disunity of the country's 1,700 clans and tribes threaten the uneasy peace. Almost 100 percent of Yemenis are Muslims, although they are not united in this. Those in the south and center are Sunni, while Shiites live in the north east. In Yemen, as in most Arab countries, Christian missionaries are excluded. The only Christians from abroad allowed into the country are those who have marketable skills in secular jobs.

Lord of the Harvest, call, equip, and send many Christians from around the world to minister in Yemen.

Bedouin Homeland: Saudi Arabia, North Africa
Religion: Islam

Numerous Arabic-speaking nomadic tribes roam the deserts from the Atlantic coast of North Africa to Jordan and Iraq. Originally from the Arabian Peninsula, present day Saudi Arabia, they spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa as the "warriors of Islam." The Bedouin life is governed by a fierce code of ethics which includes loyalty to one's clan and tribe, hospitality to strangers (even enemies), and blood vengeance on those who kill one of your clan. To introduce Bedouins to Christ in a relevant and meaningful way will take patience and creativity. Recent governmental attempts to forcibly settle these nomadic people have introduced tremendous stresses and changes into their traditional world view.

Holy God, you care for strangers and foreigners. Extend your love and grace to the Bedouin.

Levant Arabs Homeland: Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon
Religion: Islam

The part of Syria and Lebanon called the Levant is one of the few places in the world where Muslims and Christians live and work side by side, speaking the same language and, until recently, living in peace. Syria and Lebanon are Arab countries, and Arabic is their official language. Both countries have large, respected Christian populations. In spite of this, a long tradition makes it difficult for many Christians to see their Muslim neighbors as people to whom they can minister and introduce Christ. Christians minister and evangelize freely within their own communities, but the government actively discourages any attempts to minister to Muslims.

Jesus, fill our brothers and sisters so full of your love that they can not help but share with their Muslim neighbors, friends, and co-workers.

Egyptian Arabs Homeland: Egypt
Religion: Islam

Egypt is another predominantly Arabic-speaking Muslim land with an ancient Christian minority. One fifth of the Egyptian population calls itself Christian. However, the Christians make up 75 percent of the population emigrating to the West. Urban populations in Egypt are swelling and the consequent masses of young unemployed men make fertile soil for Islamic militant groups. Militant groups have fought an underground guerrilla war against the current government. Only Christ can bring true and lasting peace to Egypt.

Prince of peace, call many of our Egyptian brothers and sisters to stay and reach out to Muslims with compassion and humility. Show us what we can do to help them do this.

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