Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 18

Kurds Homeland: Kurdistan (Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria)
Religion: Sunni Muslim

Mountainous Kurdistan is a natural cross-roads: the source of two great rivers mentioned in the Bible, the Tigris and Euphrates, and the location of Mount Ararat. It is a beautiful land of high mountains, plateaus and valleys, rivers and lakes. There is only one problem: Kurdistan is not a country, and the political forces which control it will not release it. Though the Kurds number in the tens of millions, they are minorities in each of the countries in which they live. As a result, they have been persecuted for hundreds of years, experiencing everything from broken promises and forced relocation to outright genocide. Yet today a number of churches and agencies from around the world have begun to focus on the needs of the Kurds, organizing assistance on a number of levels. They have resolved to work together across denominational and international borders, they are beginning to see success.

Lord, bring opportunity, unity, and fruit to the partnership of churches and agencies working with Kurds.

Luri Homeland: Iran
Religion: Islam

Among the nearly five million Luri people of Iran, there are no known Christians. Radio broadcasts and the witnessing efforts of Luri believers from neighboring Iraq have touched only one in every ten, leaving 90 percent with no knowledge of the gospel. Once nomads known for great ferocity, today most Luris are Shiite Muslims and have settled in the cities and villages of south eastern Iran. Recent efforts of some mission agencies have increased awareness of the Luris and may result in missionaries at last being sent out to them.

Father, you created the Luris. Please bring them into your kingdom, that they might know abundant life and lift abundant praise to your name.

Gilaki Homeland: Iran
Religion: Shi'a Islam

The Gilaki, numbering around three million, live in north western Iran. Besides fishing, they farm crops and keep a few animals. Educated Gilaki men can read Farsi, but the Gilaki language is not yet in written form. Nevertheless, a Bible translation may be in progress and some Christian programs have been recorded on cassettes. Sponsors are being sought for a much-needed radio ministry, perhaps the most strategic way to reach many Gilaki. Remember also those who speak the Gilashi dialect living nearby in the mountains.

Holy Spirit, call these fishermen into Christ's kingdom, teaching them to fish for men! Raise up the finances and people to sustain a Christian radio program in Gilaki.

Unknown Homeland: All Across the 10/40 Window
Religion: Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Animist

Researchers have catalogued thousands of ethnic groups in the world, and this process has been greatly assisted by computer technology. However, it is quite possible that there are hundreds if not thousands of groups which we still know nothing about. Many of these groups are small but others are simply hidden. While some information is becoming available for other groups, it is simply not enough to help mission strategists, mobilizers, and church planters plan effectively. Even what we think we know we sometimes later find to have been false. Many of these hidden or unknown groups are the ones who most need the gospel. Even though God has been working for centuries in their culture preparing for his arrival, the church is still completely unaware of their presence.

Sovereign God, we lift up to you the hundreds of peoples, entire tribes, about which we do not know. Continue to work in their midst preparing them for the arrival of the gospel, and working in our midst to not fall back from the task you gave us.

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