Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 11

Sindhi Homeland: Pakistan, India
Religion: Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam

Sindhi now live in several states and countries, though they get their name and language from the Sindh province of what is now Pakistan. When British colonial empire broke up 50 years ago the Indian subcontinent was divided into Hindu and Muslim countries: India and Pakistan. The Sindhis, who include both Hindus and Muslims, live in both countries. Hindu Sindhis living in Pakistan have been harshly persecuted by the Muslim Sindhi majority. In Pakistan, 80 percent of the Sindhis are Muslim. The Moguls who ruled this land for nearly 300 years left Islam firmly entrenched. The Muslim Sindhis, and especially those who live in the countryside, have very little opportunity to hear the gospel and fewer than 50 have embraced the gospel. Nevertheless, in the cities mission hospitals and Bible correspondence courses provide a Christian presence. Many Sindhis have taken their business skills to other parts of the world, including Africa, Europe, and the U.S., where they can more easily be reached for Christ. There are nearly a quarter of a billion Sindhis world-wide.

Prince of Peace, calm religious as well as ethnic tensions in the Sindh region.

Punjabi Homeland: Punjab, India; Pakistan
Religion: Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam

In October 1995, Valson Abraham, President of India Gospel Outreach, held several days of evangelistic meetings in the Punjabi city of Lubhiana. He must have been amazed when thousands of Punjabi-speaking people responded to his call to follow Christ. Little did he know that on the same days he was holding these meetings, the AD2000 and Beyond Movement had mobilized 30 million Christians to pray for the "Gateway Cities" of India as part of Praying Through the Window II. The day after these intercessors prayed for Amritsar, a city near Lubhiana, thousands of Hindus and Sikhs gave their hearts to Christ. A missionary working among the Sikh Punjabi reports, "We heard of many miraculous encounters of people receiving dreams and visions of the Lord, and healings and miracles in their lives."

Thank you, Father, for hearing the prayers of your saints. May your Kingdom be established among the Punjabi-speaking people today.

Nepali Homeland: India, Nepal, Bhutan
Religion: Hinduism

Until recently, the isolated Himalayan nation of Nepal has resisted the gospel. In the mid-1700's, the government expelled all Nepali Christians. As late as 1940, there was only one Nepali Christian in the Hindu kingdom of Nepal. But then the dam broke. Since 1991, Nepalis and visitors have been free to profess and practice any religion, but not to proselytize. Today an estimated 100,000 people in Nepal worship the true and living God. Why the drastic change? One of the main reasons has been Christian medical work. In 1951 the king of Nepal allowed a medical team to enter the country. Since that time, Christian aid organizations have been providing much needed medical care in the name of Christ. The humble testimony of these Christian workers stood in stark contrast to the corruption of government officials. Hindu people groups have been touched with the gospel!

Jesus, thank you for using the medical work in Nepal to draw people to yourself. Please raise up a strong church for every Hindu and Buddhist people group in Nepal.

Newari Homeland: Nepal
Religion: Hinduism, Buddhism, traditional religions

The half million Newari people of Nepal's Kathmandu Valley are known for their superior abilities trading on the international market. Most are well-educated, prosperous, and belong to the middle and higher Hindu castes. Many Newari people blend Buddhism, Hinduism, and indigenous beliefs in a fashion confusing to outsiders. They believe in ghosts, demons, evil spirits, witches, and a seemingly endless number of gods. An estimated 600 Newars are Christians. They only have access to portions of the Bible in their own language.

Lord, raise up workers who will complete the Newari Bible and produce more resources, like the Jesus film, to reach the Newari people.

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