Praying Through the Window III -- October, 1997

The Unreached Peoples

Day 1

Malay Homeland: Malaysia, Indonesia, South Thailand
Religion: Islam, Animism

Spread throughout Southeast Asia, the 24 million Muslim Malay are a strong force for Islam in a region most often associated with Buddhism and Animism. Most Malays live in countries whose governments are extremely hostile to any attempts to expose them to Christianity. The handful of Malays who have trusted their lives to Christ now face significant social persecution. Many Malay Muslims stand at a cross-road. Islam has gripped their hearts for nearly seven centuries, but tremendous economic growth and the onslaught of materialism push Malays to the forefront of a struggle.

More than 15,000 Malays are studying in universities in the United States, England, and Australia. Lord, we pray you will raise up individuals and families to befriend these students for the sake of Christ.

Acehnese Homeland: Sumatra, Indonesia
Religion: Islam

Once considered the "gateway to Mecca," Aceh Province (pronounced AH-chay) in Indonesia is home to over three million staunch followers of Islam, the Acehnese. The Acehnese have held to Islam more tenaciously than perhaps any other people in Southeast Asia. The Indonesian government designates Aceh as a special province and gives it greater autonomy than other parts of the country. While some Acehnese still dream of building an independent Islamic nation, government troops stand ready to stop any move in that direction. Conversion from Islam is also considered divisive. The Aceh suspect foreigners of being spies, making it difficult for them to work among the Acehnese.

Word of life, as Acehnese read their newly available New Testament open their eyes, convict of sin, and bring them to yourself.

Minangkabau Homeland: Indonesia, Malaysia
Religion: Islam

The 7.5 million Minangkabau, also known as Minang, are one of the most influential Muslim peoples in Indonesia. The largest number live on the west side of the island of Sumatra, though nearly half are scattered throughout Indonesia and Malaysia. Many Minangkabau men leave their families and villages to make their fortune in other parts of Indonesia or Malaysia. Many of Indonesia's political, business, and religious leaders are Minangkabau men. Because of their success and prestige, planting churches among the Minangkabau may be strategic in reaching Indonesia's hundreds of people groups.

Jesus, draw many Minangkabau men and women to follow you, leading their families and communities into your kingdom.

Komering Homeland: Sumatra, Indonesia
Religion: Islam, Animism

The majority of the 1.5 million Komering live in the southern region of the island of Sumatra and are bound by a blend of Islam coupled with a deep fear of evil spirits. The Komering are one of the least-evangelised peoples in the world. The Komering have a reputation for violence; fear of the Komering hinders Indonesian Christians from working among them.

Spirit, stir concern and boldness among Indonesian Christians to serve as your ambassadors among the Komering.

Rejang Homeland: Sumatra, Indonesia
Religion: Islam

Living in the dense jungles of western Sumatra, the one million Rejang of Bengkulu Province have had little contact with the gospel. Once their culture included human sacrifice and head-hunting, but today they are better known for their wood carving, metal working, and leather and paper plaiting. More than 80 percent live in rural areas.

Father, as your children are forced to move from crowded Java to areas where Rejang live, open doors for them to share their faith with the Rejang.

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