What You Can Do

The plight -- and the potential -- of North Africa demands action. The opportunities to become a partner in reaching North Africa for Christ are limitless. The following is a limited selection of the many and vast possibilities for involvement in North Africa.

Partner in Interest by becoming aware of what God is doing in North Africa today. Some excellent resources include the following video tapes:

  • "An Introduction to the Ministry of SAT-7" Contact SAT-7 North America (address below).

The following vedeos are available from LifeAgape International (address below):

  • "The Arab World -- The Real Story", includes a study guide.
  • "Out of the Darkness"
  • "The Word of God once Lost, Now Found"
  • "A Future and A Hope

Partner in Prayer by forming a prayer group for North Africa in your neighborhood or church. Establish triplet praying for the peoples and strategic towns of North Africa. Adopt a strategic town of North Africa of a people from the list at the bottom of this page. Participate in a prayer journey by contacting Janet Moen, email: jmoen@ccci.org.<>

Partner in Personnel by establishing a personal link to the North Africa. Send or support a tentmaker, non-resident missionary or long-term missionary team. Invite them into your home, write them regularly, and support them though your resources and prayers.

  • Arab World Ministries (AWM) is looking for dedicated followers of Jesus, who want to live out a life of witness among Muslims of the Arab World. Career, short-term and summer. Website: www.awm.org.<>
  • Operation Mobilization (OM): Areas of involvement include: church planting, short term training, prayer exposure trips, and summer outreach. Email: nat.om.org.<>
  • Youth With A Mission (YWAM): Email: 73633.662@compuserve.com.<>

Partner in Advocacy by becoming an advocate for one of the unreached people groups or one of the strategic towns in North Africa. Use your influence and whatever forums are available to share the needs and invite others to become partners as well.

Partner in Giving generously to projects and programs within North Africa, such as SAT-7 satellite TV, radio programs, Jesus Film project, literature distribution, Bible production and distribution.

Funds for literature for Operation Transit (the port outreach) can be channeled through LifeAgape International, Campus Crusade for Christ, OM, YWAM and various other participating agencies. Provide support for programs to mobilize, motivate and educate God's people. Contact:

    AWM Media
    B.P. 2014
    13201 Marseille Cedex, 01 France
    Email: norm@marnet.mhs.compuserve.com

    P.O. Box 113
    Wayne, PA 19087 USA
    Phone: (610) 995-9151
    Fax: (610) 995-9155
    Email: ronensminger@sat7.org

    LifeAgape International
    B.P. 165
    91133 Ris-Orangis Cedex, France
    Email: lananpaul@aol.com
    Partner in training including ten Bible correspondence and communication centers

    IBRA Radio
    P.O.Box 4033
    141 04 Huddinge, Sweden
    Phone: [46](8) 608-96-80
    Fax: [46](8) 608-96-89
    Email: ibra@ibra.se
    Web: www.ibra.se

    HCJB Radio
    International Radio Group
    P.O.Box 39800
    Colorado Springs, CO 80949 USA
    Phone: (719) 590-9800
    Fax: (719) 590-9801
    Email: tnarwold@hcjb.org

    Trans World Radio
    P.O. Box 4232
    Kempton Park 1620, Republic of South Africa

    FEBA Radio
    Ivy Arch Road
    Worthing, W. Sussex BN14-8BX England
    Phone: [44](1903) 237281
    Fax: [44](1903) 205294
    Email: reception@feba.org.uk
    Web: www.feba.org.uk

Partner in Training with the Iberoamerican Institute of Crosscultural Studies which has the vision to serve, inform and train the evangelical church in Iberoamerica to fulfill the Great Commission among Muslim peoples. Email: 75662.1562@compuserve.com.<>

Partner in Business Ventures

  • The Business and Professional Network (BPN), John Warton, International Coordinator, Email: john@bpn.org.<>
  • Micro business enterprises with World Harvest Now Email: 73312.2011@compuserve.com.<>

How You Can Pray

Pray for National Leaders. Pray God's blessings on the head of government, other ministers and officials. Pray that family members of the leaders will hear the gospel on the radio, for the leaders to meet genuine believers in their travels, and for God to move the right person to share the gospel with them. Ask God to give the leaders wisdom to rule their countries with justice, righteousness and mercy, creating policies that would allow the gospel to go forward in their land.

The heads of the North African nations are:

  • Algeria: President Abdelaziz Boutefika
  • Libya: Mu/ammar Qadaffi
  • Mauritania: President Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya
  • Morocco: King Mohamed VI
  • Tunisia: President Zine Abdine Ben Ali

Pray for the Christians. Pray for courage -- that they will overcome intimidation and fear. Pray that they would have a solid revelation of God's love and be strengthened to persevere and be faithful to the Lord. Pray for maturity in their faith and appropriate teaching to build them up. Pray for encouragement for those who live outside the main cities with limited contact with other Christians. Pray for creative opportunities for tentmaking workers to gain access, and for more long-term workers. Pray for continued, strengthened unity in working together.

Pray for the strategic cities and towns of North Africa.

Pray that the Muslim people might come to know Issa (Jesus) not only as the prophet, but also as the Son of God.

Pray for the satellite television and radio ministry; wisdom for those involved in choosing content for these programs, and for effective means to follow up those who show interest.

Pray for Awake Tunisia '99 -- a prayer inititave. Pray that churches worldwide will sponsor a month of prayer for Tunisia and hold a Tunisia focus event. Contact:

    Awake Tunisia '99
    PO Box 2671
    Reading RG 2FF

Peoples of the Maghreb

Algerian Arab
Tuareg (Kel Ajjer)
Tuareg (Kel Hoggar)
Middle Atlas Berber
Kabyle Berber
Mzab Berber
Shawiya Berber
Taznatit Berber
Ouargla Berber

Dom Gypsy (Halebi)
Libyan Arab
Nafusa Berber
Zuara Berber
Tuareg (Kel Ajjer)

Moor (Maure)
Soninke (Sarakole)
Tukulor (Pulaar)
Zenaga Berber

Middle Atlas Berber
Riffi Berber
Southern Berber (Ishihayn)
Jebala Arab
Moroccan Arab

Algerian Arab
Tunisian Arab
Jerba Berber

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