The Call to North Africa

5. A Call for Business Development

Unemployment in much of North Africa is reaching record levels. Christians can meet real needs in the region by emphasizing economic and business development. God has called some people to do business, be consultants, and start companies. That is exactly what the governments of many countries are asking for.

Like any other ministry, the entrepreneur needs to be linked to other gifts and ministries in order to have maximum impact. The Business and Professional Network (see "What You Can Do") has been established especially to assist with<> this vision. In another region of the world they have helped train and empower entrepreneurs to begin 180 different companies, almost all of which are still operating.

6. A Call to Observe the Secrets of the Early Christian's Success in North Africa

In it's first few centuries the church experienced astounding success in evangelizing North Africa. We need to relearn the principles of their success:

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