The Call to North Africa

Christians in the streets of North Africa are saying that they have never seen such response to the gospel as now. Leaders of partnerships and ministries, and leading mission researchers agree. "It's as though we are seeing a vision of one who calls, 'Come over to North Africa and help us!'" they say. At this crucial hour North Africa is calling out to Christians everywhere.

1. A Call for Prayer

"We have seen great gains in the past five years," say Christians throughout the Arab world. "More people are praying for us than ever before in history! That gives us confidence, and a spiritual mandate to be fruitful in the land. With this kind of heavenly prayer cover we know the Arabs about whom we care so much will have a chance to hear."

Certainly God has answered the prayers of the intercessors to unleash His divine power. During the 1980s a significant number of people throughout North Africa received special divine visitations withing a relatively short period of time. Some 300 people were converted in a costal city region of Algeria. Dreams, angelic visitations and visions continue among the North Africans to this day. These divine manifestations typically preceed and often play a significant part in conversions.

Growing interest in the 10/40 Window is focusing prayer for a spiritual breakthrough in the Arab world. Millions prayed for the Arab world during the October 1993, 1995 and 1997 "Praying Through the Window" emphases. On-site intercessory teams came to North Africa for days of prayer and fasting, asking God for a spiritual breakthrough.

During "Praying Through the Window IV" (October 1999) millions of Christians worldwide are expected to pray specifically for the countries of North Africa, with a special focus on strategic towns.

2. A Call for Workers

During the late 13th and early 14th centuries, Spanish Christian Raymundo Lulio (Raymond Lull) sought to stir up the church in Europe to send missionaries to North Africa. Failing this, he made several trips to North African coast himself to take the message about Christ to the Muslims there. Generally considered to be the first missionary to the Muslims, he wrote in his book "The Tree of Life," that love, prayers, and the pouring out of tears and blood best conquer Islamic strongholds. Historians report that he finally paid for his efforts with his life in June 1315 in the very place where divine visitations have occurred 670 years later.

North Africa needs more entreprenurs; Christians who are willing to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through personal witness while supporting themselves in business and professions. The apostle Paul's model of tentmaking evangelism and church planting is both biblical and practical in the modern international economy.

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