A Letter from the International Director

I stood at the southern tip of Europe - Gibralter - and studied the mass of North Africa's 2,800-foot Jebal Musa, lurking low on the horizon 15 miles away. I thought of the Moroccan tourist who had driven near this very spot on his way back to Morocco from vacation in Spain. He saw volunteers handing out Christian materials, and he spontaneously put both his hands out of the car as though asking for a bundle of packets.

When asked what he wanted the man answered: "On the way into Spain I received a packet and talked at length with one of the volunteers. I have made a decision to follow Christ. Not just me; my wife too has decided to follow Him with me." The Spanish pastor who was handing out packets loaded the man's car with materials he could take back to his people in Morocco.

For six years several agencies have been giving New Testaments, videos, audiocassettes and children's books to an estimated 800,000 visiting North Africans who pass through ten gateway ports in southern Europe. On some days as many as twenty percent of those who hear the message of Christ through personal conversation, pray to become Christians. The organizers of the unique outreach met while I was in southern Spain to evaluate the program. They agreed that it had been the most responsive year that they had experienced.

"It's not because of our ministry alone that this is happening," the project coordinator has said. "God is preparing hearts. There is such a hunger that people are responding with joy to the gospel."

This imaginative evangelistic outreach is just one indication of an awesome movement of God among the people of North Africa. In a land many Christians have considered impenetrable, God is rapidly breaking down centuries-old emotional, regligious and cultural barriers to the gospel. A mission statesman from the region, following a trip to a country in North Africa reported recently: "Although most of them are with very limited resources, I have seen the POWER of GOD working there as I have seen NOWHERE ELSE IN THE ARAB WORLD among people from non-Christian backgrounds."

Yours for the Harvest,
Luis Bush
International Director
AD2000 & Beyond Movement

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