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The Qashqa'i of Iran

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Population: 860,000
Religion: 100% Islam
No known Christians
No Missionaries
No Bible
No Christian radio
No Gospel literature
No "Jesus" film

The Qashqa'i (also spelled Kashgai or Ghashgha'i) are of the Turkic linguistic group and are located in the south-west of Iran near the Persian Gulf. The Iranian city of Shiraz is the main commercial center for the Qashqa'i.

The Qashqa'i are nomadic shepherds and hunters and treat their guests with great hospitality. They are divided into six major tribes (Amaleh, Dareshuri, Farsimaden, Shesh Boluki, Kashkuli, Bozorg) and a number of smaller ones.

The Qashqa'i follow the Ithna Ashari sect of Shia Islam, the state religion of Iran. Most Qashqa'i are not strong Muslims.

Iran is closed to missionaries, but one agency has a non-residential missionary living nearby. Another agency has adopted the Qashqa'i for future ministry. Foreigners can now travel to Iran for short visits. For more information read Nomad: a year in the life of a Qashqa'i tribesman in Iran, by Lois Beck, University of California Press, 1991.

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