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GCOWE 97 Women's Track

Wednesday, July 2, 1997
By Pete Simonis

Freedom from Cultural Glue

Millions of women have their lips sealed by "cultural glue." Coming Wednesday, Iqbal Massey the charming Pakistani wife of pastor evangelist Kundan Massey of Cyprus, will share the secret of getting those lips unsealed.

She will even go further and tell how the entire personality -- body, soul and spirit -- can get soaring when she shares with GCOWE women at a women's luncheon at Hatfield today.

Iqbal speaks all over the world and has been used of God to get thousands on the Jesus track. What thrills her most is to witness Gods supernatural power in those cultures that are supposed to be totally "closed for Jesus." These days, it's not uncommon to find that one out of ten women Christians in those audiences have come to Christ through visions and dreams or in some or other "supernatural" way. At one of her meetings in Khazakstan, a Muslim woman witnessed how she saw a man dressed in the "Eastern way" appeared to her in a dream and said: "Follow Me and good works will follow you."

That was revolutionary for her. All her life she had been trying to please God by praying at least five times a day and by good works and now she hears that it all starts by following "that Man!" Shortly afterwards, she found out who the man in her dreams was when she and her husband saw the Jesus film. She surrendered her life and came to love Him.

Iqbal believes that many Christians need to be liberated to the truth that freedom and victory follow after, as a heart and mind is renewed. That takes place in an ongoing relationship with Father God through faith and by the grace and merits of Jesus alone. Entering the holiest of holies through what Jesus has done for us and not by what we strive to do for Him, is the secret of answered prayer. This kind of prayer sows the seed of the Kingdom of God.

Iqbal met her husband-to-be in a very uncommon way some 37 years ago. He came to speak in her town but she did not attend. "I felt I had to be busy with a good work and was washing some dishes. Through the open window I heard him say the way to God is through the new birth. I was interested but not convinced when he spoke to me afterwards. "In my room in the monastery where I taught, I leafed through a Bible and God revealed Him to me and set me free. "I felt a love for God spring up in my heart. Later, some of that love must have overflowed to Kundan the preacher. "That was after I received word by mail that he had proposed to me through my family, as is customary where I come from!"

As she tells the story and speaks of Kundan, I notice a special warmth in the eyes of this woman whose lips had been unsealed of "cultural glue" and she smilingly invites: "Would you like to meet my husband too?

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