GCOWE 97 Business Executives Track

1. Declaration of the Business Executive Consultation

The Consultation agreed to a declaration which included establishment of a Business and Professional Network along the following lines (extracts from the declaration follow):

"We seek, in a spirit of servanthood, to encourage, network and motivate Christian business people by inspiring them to obey the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. We will stimulate cooperation among existing businesses, market place ministries, churches, para-church organizations, missionary societies, and service groups of all kinds in order to work toward this objective.

"Under the Lordship of Christ, we confidently expect to establish a worldwide network of businesses to serve the unreached peoples of the world. With this we will gain access to countries otherwise closed to the gospel through trade and joint ventures, funding of projects and contacts with government officials.

"The magnitude of this task is beyond our frail human resources, but we know that with God all things are possible (2 Corinthians 10:4).

"Our strategy will require overall coordination and country-by-country plans. To accomplish this task we will assign International and National Coordinators who will:

"Placing our trust in Jesus Christ, we confidently anticipate a great moving of the Holy Spirit to empower and mobilize Christian business people worldwide to support this movement. We declare our commitment of time, skills and financial resources so that there may be a `church for every people and the gospel for ever person by the year 2000' to the glory of God."


In an overwhelming act of the Holy Spirit, the auditorium of the Moreletapark NG Church was filled with a true spirit of reconciliation - but this time not the political buzzword we know too well. This was the Holy Spirit flowing over the Business Executives, and as a call was made for Afrikaner businessmen to come forward, tears started to flow.

As black Christians gathered on the stage, their white brothers in Christ kneeled before them and begged for forgiveness for the unrighteous deeds of the past - not only in business, but in the homes, schools and in churches. As the delegates from overseas witnessed this historic moment, black and white reached out to each other and forgave.

It was a moment in which, lead by the Holy Spirit, tears of sorrow and guilt turned into tears of joy as Christians was reconciled before the Lord and dropped all charges against each other. This was not a political statement that will be covered by the world press, this was a statement in the spiritual realms that released people of bondage and set them free throughout time to love and work together as businessmen in Gods Kingdom. Praise be to Jesus!


Landa Cope, an International Dean of the University of the Nations within Youth with a Mission, challenged the Business Executive Consultation to consider the biblical model for discipling all nations. Our call is not just to see people brought to salvation but to establish the Kingdom of God.

She reminded us that the book of Deuteronomy tells the story of the creation of Israel, addressing all aspects of a nation's life - not just the religious aspects but government, judicial, economics, military, the arts and so on. In fact, in Deuteronomy the government is established before the priesthood and religious matters are the subject of less than half the book! Through the plan God laid down in Deuteronomy, the Israelites were told how He would convert them from the world's largest refugee camp to a nation. Just 300 years later, the Queen of Sheba by-passed the great empire of Egypt to see the wonders of the nation that God had by then created under Solomon.

So many nations that call themselves "Christian" do not demonstrate any such influence if you look at all the measures of quality of life such as health, housing and morality in their society - would you really choose to live in many such communities, she asked. The people of God were told to possess the Promised Land - to be obedient to all his laws and principles as well as to pray; to run a nation once they had been saved. What a potent model as we enter the twenty-first century!

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