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GCOWE 97 Youth Consultation

Boiling the pot for end results

Lizelle van der Merwe

"Where two or three Christians are gathered in God's name, there will soon be a mess". How to prevent these prophetic words of George Verwer from happening, was exactly what the delegates of the Youth Consultation at Pretoria Oosterlig had to discover yesterday.

They were given more than enough 'tools' with which to reach a workable solution: the results of 78 discussed topics were analyzed, prioritized and summarized in writing, as well as all their impressions, awarenesses and emotions experienced during the outreaches on Wednesday, the "Exposure Day".

After hours of discussions, debating, questioning and answering the important ingredients for such structures began to emerge. Here are some of them:

But the task was not yet done! Hard work was still to come. During the evening session all the delegates would have come together in their different groups of origin to discuss and determine specific strategies for each of the represented regions, provinces or countries. By doing so they would have made the fulfilling of the GCOWE commission a reachable goal.

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