GCOWE 97 Children's Consultation

The Child as a Challenge

Ds. Johan du Preez

You could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at the Verwoerdburg NG Church. Worshipping by music filled the building and children were singing and dancing in the corridors of the church and in front on the lawn. The only feeling was joy, happiness and a sense of belonging. Even the decoration on the walls spelled out the vision of this consultation with the drawings and designs of children all over the church walls. The Lord really blessed little children, and rightfully so! The building sent out a good message.

"Give children a voice, starting today." The consultation is small but this opportunity was entrusted to us.

SOEKIE AND THE RADIKIDS gave a live performance with their songs - by showing, dancing and sharing their feelings and even testifying their love for God.

SOEKIE RAUTENBACH, the founder and trainer of the group was interviewed

"Why did you start with a group like this?"
"It was a calling in my heart. I was 10 years old when I accepted God into my heart and from that point on I knew I wanted to do something for Him. Eight years ago the doors really opened up for me. I started off by singing with two children. Last year, I released my first solo CD. I was on stage all my life and I knew I wanted to something for God. The invitations and demand to sing with children started to flow in, and the group grew up to where we are now!"
"How do you select the children?"
"They must be between the ages of 10 - 13 years. They must commit themselves for at least a year. They must have a personal relationship with Jesus. They must have a singing voice and rhythm."
"What message would you like to convey?"
"I want the message to spread to other groups. Music is a part of my ministry. I want to invite children to grow in an applicable way. Thousands of children are eager to serve Jesus. We should encourage them to do so by meeting them on their own turf".

How legitimate is the 4/14 window on the 10/40 window for world evangelism? (The age during which children are most apt to commit to Christ)

  1. Children are important to God - The children are mentioned 1, 957 times in the Bible
  2. Children are a Forgotten People Group - Mission strategists tend to target the 10/40 Window
  3. Children are an enormous People Group - 1.8 Billion (i.e. 1/3) of the world's population. They are the largest Peoples Group.
  4. Children are a Suffering People Group - In the past decade 2 million were killed in war, 4.5 million were left disabled
  5. Children are a Receptive People Group - 60 - 85% make a decision for Christ between the ages 4 - 14 years
  6. Children need to be a Recognized Target Group the 4/14 Window is a legitimate door to the 10/40 Window. 85% of the church time, energy and resources need to be made available to the children. God put the child in His ministry, we put the child in the basement. Children should be part of Sunday worship services.
  7. We repent of our neglect of the child and his/her needs
  8. We commit ourselves to pray against the strategies of Satan who targets our children
  9. The Children's Ministry should not be looked down upon or under-estimated

The first credo:

The second Credo was amended as follows:

Let us claim Africa for the Lord! Let us focus on the children. Not only should we bring them the message of salvation, they should also learn how to live according to Biblical standards on all levels of society. I challenge you to become part of God's army. Let us set Africa free in the name of Jesus, so that her children can become what God planned them to be!!!

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