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GCOWE 97 Business Executive Consultation

Opportunity Unlimited: The Adventure Begins

Emboldened by the vision provided by Luis Bush and J Gunnar Olson, the members of the Business Executive Consultation have undertaken the adventure of developing business initiatives to create immediate impact on the 10/40 window.

Three particular imperatives have been investigated in the workshops:

Following worship and intercession sessions, delegates focused on these topics on Wednesday and Thursday morning. The working parties reported back to the full Business Executive Consultation on Thursday and a declaration was prepared on the creation of a Business and Professional Network. Praise God that 35 people have already accepted the invitation of the government of Benin to go there in August to begin a great work!

As a prelude to their discussions, Business Executive Consultation members studied a number of existing initiatives that involve business in the growth of the Kingdom in the 10/40 window. Stephen Rosenburg of Enterprise and Denis Perry of Opportunity International presented the different approaches their organizations take to support the growth of micro-economic enterprise in developing economies. Mats Tunehag of Interdev demonstrated the importance of partnering businesses with existing agencies so with the application of skills of both business and mission, the closed doors will be opened. John Robb of World Vision reminded us of the need to integrate business activity with outreach, giving the example of William Carey's work in India at the end of the eighteenth century. Brother Daniel Davies, leader of the Poor and Needy Consultation, challenged us through lively audience participation in the story from Luke 9:10-17. When the disciples returned ecstatic from the victories of outreach, they were plunged into meeting the physical needs of the 4,000 people gathered in a remote place to hear Jesus. What a powerful reminder that both needs must be met! Brother Daniel reminded us that poor and rich both have something to give to one another as we work in partnership in the building of the Kingdom.

Delegates have also spent much time in prayer and reflection. Michael Cassidy of African Enterprise issued a godly challenge to ensure our own personal and family situations are fully aligned with the Kingdom of God before expanding our activities to the challenges of the 10/40 window. Cindy Jacobs, President of Generals for Intercession, has led us in powerful prayer and reconciliation sessions to help us reframe our focus and thinking in undertaking the work we must do. Praise the Lord for his blessing on our Consultation through the many ministers he has given us! Pray that we will, as good business people, make optimum use of these blessings at GCOWE'97 and in the future!

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